Were German troops in Ukraine? And war talk...

Russian news has reported, German troops were killed IN Ukraine.

Then, the UK defense guru said he wants to send Brits into Ukraine.

Only for the UK PM to back peddle.


This and other recent events rilled up Russian’s Medvedev.

The number of leading idiots in NATO countries is growing.

One newly minted cretin - the British Minister of Defense - decided to transfer English training courses for Ukrainian soldiers to the territory of Ukraine itself. That is, turn your instructors into legal targets for our Armed Forces. Knowing full well that they will be mercilessly destroyed. And no longer as mercenaries, but precisely as British NATO specialists.

Another fool - the head of the German Defense Committee with an unpronounceable surname - demands that Taurus missiles be immediately supplied to the Khokhlobanderites so that the Kiev regime can strike at Russian territory to weaken the supply of our army. They say this is in accordance with international law. Well, in this case, attacks on German factories where these missiles are made will be fully consistent with international law.

Still, these idiots are actively pushing us towards a third world war…

So there you have the latest on the Ukraine saga.

I must say, I haven’t heard anyone in our government say we need to back away from Ukraine. I heard a couple GOP presidential hopefuls say it in the first debate, the second I tuned out.

  • Anyone who refuses to seal our border, by denying all aid to illegal immigrants…
  • Anyone who refuses to withdraw support for Ukraine…
  • Anyone who refuses to withdraw support for the United Nations…
  • Anyone who refuses to stop the spending…

Isn’t very American in my book.

I guess that leaves Mitch out.


I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Medvedev.

I think we better add Kevin McCarthy to the list of “Not very American in my book”.

“Shortly after today’s vote news broke that Kevin McCarthy pulled a fast one and made a side deal with GOP Minority leader Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden to fund Ukraine.”

McCarthy Pulls a Fast One— Again!

Thanks for the update Brandon - I skimmed my email quite quickly and missed all of this. I appreciate you keeping us all informed. God bless!!

Yep, I saw that and meant to post the article in here when I saw it. I knew we wouldn’t stop the money laundering in the Ukraine…Trump pulled the same :poop: signing off on things he shouldn’t have.