We're Being Used Like A Dirty Rag!

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Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever considered the possibility, that we are being used by the political elite? I’m not talking about the left and I’m not talking about the right… I’m talking about both sides of the aisle. We — the common folk — are being used like a dirty rag.…


This is a great article and makes me think back and laugh.
I had friends who were so far left you needed the Hubble to see them. She would never watch Fox news because they told lies. (not that I do either) I asked her how she knows, and she said because the news channel she watches said so. :rofl:

The other point in the article is the system. I always said that is why Christ throws the beast system into the lake first and then He gets things rolling. You can be the best carpenter but using a pipe wrench won’t be productive.


I gotta tell you Brandon, this commentary is pointless and all over the place brother.
I do not belong to any church, any group, any club or any brotherhood and avoid any and every other manmade clique or organization.

I agree that society as a whole is becoming dumber and dumber at a rapid pace.
You seem to be suggesting that there is no use, the left and the right are equally wicked and that all men [including you] are worthless liars. Suggesting that voting is for morons.
Just read the bible and wait for death. Sorry brother, you go ahead. I choose to vote for and support the folks that share my values. I don’t vote for people who simply promise to raise my SS and madicare coverage or lower my taxes, as it seems most people do now. Hurray for me and to hell with you! mindset. All I pay my government for is to protect and preserve the constitution and sovereignty of my country. We the people should take care of the rest.
Since when did it become the fed’s job to decide if little Jonny should change sexes and pay for it. Reward whoredom and irresponsibility with free abortions, subsidized housing and a food card? That’s just the tip of the ice burg and I will stop right there. I vote against those things everytime I can, and make it my business to know who’s who in positions of power. power

I do not understand your message here, if there is one.

The basic point is that we as a nation and the human race are on the wrong road. Politicians say what we want to hear, do a little to save face and the rest stands as it was. We are not a Christian nation anymore and historically; I don’t think we were for too long. The problem is the system is set up against the good ones, the very few that be, and if they don’t play ball, they won’t last.

The labels Republican and Democrat don’t even mean anything anymore, just as the term Christian is a hollow word. I have moved to the bible belt area and have found that there are just as many, if not more, crooked clueless people here, full of cliches.

When the Republicans held all the branches, they still didn’t get things done because many of them are Rhino’s. Abortions are still legal in the nation, illegals still come in and the deficit still goes up. One thing you can say for the Demo’s, they stick together.
Who ever heard of introducing a bill or procedure, in business, that has 15 different things on it so we can con both sides to pass it. It would be like someone having the cure for cancer, wants to get it approved but it is put on the same bill as letting humans marry donkeys. The bill is vetoed, due to the jackass portion and then they hammer and blame each other to pin the result of the no vote. If business used that system, it would fail in a year.

One of Trumps promise was that not one cent would go to foreign nations unless they prove they deserve it. The flow of money never changed, and I doubt they proved anything. Israel still received their yearly check on the backs of the taxpayers.

Prophecy will still stand no matter who is in the White House or the other branches. Timothy talks of what men will become in the end days, and we see it all has transpired. Voting will not stop the deadly wound, it is written.

Government has become too big, powerful and global. We have infiltrated so many countries for the reason of stopping communism, bring in globalism, etc., and for what. Who cares. The Old Testament Israelites, after settlement, didn’t worry about the other nations. If they got attacked, they fought back. If the Ammonites wanted to worship a goat, let them. Our nation has played god for too long. We deserve what we get.

We should do the same as the good Israelites. Problem is, globalism is in effect, moving forward and there is no turning back. We as Americans are footing the majority of the bill and no one is going to change that. It would take a righteous dictator leader and His name is Jesus to erase the fallen state the world is in.

In a meeting with my financial advisor, I asked him why the stock market tanks about every 7 years. (On average) He said that is just the way it is. There is always a pull back. I asked him who is pulling. He looked at me strangely. I said the powers that be, pull it back, skim what they want off the top, then it is left go for another 7 to make us happy, right? I don’t believe in coincidence. We are a tool. The system is rigged.

You and I are probably about the same age. I would have never thought or believed the things we see today. The deeper in study I get, the more I see how corrupt our nation has been for a long time. The Middle East is proof of our closed-door agenda. The biggest freedom for me, is knowing that the system is corrupt, nothing will change, and I don’t have to worry about it.

As Brandon said, we as a nation are being used. As you said Kevin, society is becoming dumber and dumber. Look at the new cars. Back up cameras, beeps for everything, a warning to take your baby out of the back set so they don’t fry, they even drive themselves. Is this honing the skills of the new drivers? All the new and improved is done to dumb down the brain. We are churning out the next generation of inept leaders.

The bottom line is, we are not of this world, hence the frustration being here. Why try to fix a foreign broken world that is going away?
Of course, all this is said with Christian love.

My only thought and reality is the market and the inflation. That has not eased up in Massachusetts. The gas ,food and housing is painful and not going down enough for this retiree. My daughter fought for housing assistance with a lawyer(probono) and still denied! She lives with me and her 2 babies. We are a Sanctuary state and we have no rights to anything before the newbies. Ugh its painful Brandon.


Well, I don’t know that the end time is here, nor does anyone else. I’ll leave that to God and Christ. In the mean time I feel a duty to God to continue standing for what I know to be right.
and reject evil as long as I live. I know that right now there are thousands of like minded people who are fighting against it. People a whole lot smarter than me that that have a lot more resources than I have and that are in positions to confront evil face to face. But they need all courageous like minded peoples support. They are crying out daily for us to stand up and be heard. They push on through persecution from the enemy every day of their lives.
It’s easy to sit in our air conditioned homes in front of our big screen TV and criticize lottie dottie and everybody. Snowman, 'in your comment you asked 'why try to fix a foreign broken world that is going away? That’s like saying, 'why seek a doctor when you become injured or seriously ill, when you are going to die eventually anyway. I have read a lot of your comments and perceive you to be very intelligent, educated. That’s why I was shocked to read that comment coming from you. I’m worried about the world, I am deeply concerned for my homeland, my birthright that was won with blood sweat and tears and the grace of almighty
God. I don’t know about you, 'but I still become emotional when I hear ‘America the beautiful’ .
Maybe it is too late, but maybe not. I have to believe that there are many God fearing brave leaders on the way that we don’t know yet. If you and I live long enough we will. And unless the Lord returns befopre, they will go down in history as great men and women.
That is what I choose to believe, that is my hope for my granchidren and great grandchildren and their children.

Kevin, I hear what you are saying, I really do. I look historically at what has really changed. I am not saying there hasn’t been a few things that improved, but collectively, it is the same old thing, election after election.

I know you are an intelligent person also, and with business experience. I used to listen to all the antiestablishment people’s broadcasts, telling the truth in my mind, bringing the proof of the corruption, but it goes nowhere. To me, all it did was tie up my time for something that will not change till the system is thrown out.
All the charts and graphs that Brandon posts here show a little improvement in some years, some years they don’t. There are peaks and valleys but overall, everything bad is always on the incline. The good stuff is on the decline.

I support the people you talk about, confronting evil face to face, God bless them but the majority of them don’t understand prophecy and scripture deep enough to understand why things are the way they are.
When the system is evil, nothing is going to totally make a difference. There is no man alive today that will tip the scale, he can’t, the system won’t allow it. He has to operate within the evil system. All of them have to lie just to get elected. The poor or middle-class man or woman, with the best ideas would never get a glance.

I love this country also. God gave it to us. Sadly, we are destroying it, most are living like heathen degenerates, immoral pukes who would screw you quicker than you could crawl.

God is in control, and He is the one who has brought our open borders, our elected people being children, our inflation etc., etc. Why? Because as a nation, we deserve nothing less, we actually deserve to be Gaza. He just hasn’t become pissed enough yet. But it is coming.

My point is, if you read the Old Testament and see how he handled the ones He blessed and when they gave Him the middle finger, what did He do? No man king is going to change what the Lord dishes out. We are declining as a nation because we have turned our back on the one who gave it us and blessed it. He tells us that in Isaiah.

The best thing we can do is live as Christ wants us to, maybe try to change our Immedient surrounds at a local level, within our family, and enjoy what the Lord has given us. Watching the news is like watching a soap opera, when you don’t watch for weeks on end and tune back in, the same people are screwing people, and you didn’t have to catch up.

I can agree to disagree. As they say, to each his own. For the time being anyway.
I respect that, Snowman.

So I finally got a chance to read this article, which was excellent by the way, but it’s missing a few things. It’s not just the marketing game of politicians…it’s also our healthcare and our food suppliers that use us like dirty rags. That includes the insurance companies as well. And lets not forget about the marketing games of our wonderful schools and colleges. IT’S ALL A GAME TO THEM!

I, of course have more to say about this, but it’s late and I still have to get some studying in tonight. But just think about it…politics, school (including elementary, middle, high school, colleges), healthcare, food, financial institutions…they all are using us and we need to wake up and use our own GOD GIVEN wisdom to see it. We need to stop participating their games!