Wealthy Scoundrels Slaughter Our Minds

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Are you noticing just how upside down everything is? I feel like I’m in The Twilight Zone. World leaders continually mask their agenda and pass it off as something good for their people. It doesn’t matter what nation, they all do it. They’ll tell you, “We need to do this for X, Y, and Z.”…


It’s not just the twilight zone but also the outer limits.

If you took the Old Testament, especially the prophets, and changed the time frame and who was talking, gave it to someone today, they would think it was the morning and evening news.

Yep,the lion works the way it works…rev 13:1-3

Couldn’t agree more! Whats worse is that we’re funding our own demise and even sadder than that is most Americans have no clue what’s going on. We’ve been so dumbed down, apathetic, propagandized and indifferent to what’s happening, I’m losing hope that we can pass a “free” country on to the next generation. Our children will curse us for our inaction. Israel OWNING the US doesn’t help either…

We haven’t ever really lived in a free country though…at least not in my opinion. We were led to believe we were. As for the inaction on our part, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all written and there is no stopping it. I will continue to stand for God and God alone. I no longer look to our country for protection. I will continue to spread the good word and pray for God’s guidance in all that I do. As far as I’m concerned we have ALL been deceived thinking this country was something that it’s not. It’s all about what “they” want you to see and hear and believe. My eyes are now wide open and yes, it’s not so wonderful. But we keep our faith in God and live our lives the best we can…teaching the next generation and making them strong.

God bless!! Come Jesus come…


I agree. Over time, with social media etc., we have learned of the narrative, deception, we have been fed. Our nation is failing yet we try to mind the store of others.

We have been led to believe that we need to police the world, since we are a Christian nation, and it was our duty. All the while, it is for a hidden agenda.
The Lord is used as justification to invade foreign nations while the sins of ours piles up. How many lives have been slain through the idea of patriotism? Yet our troops are like a used rag, discarded when they are done with them.
Israel, being a foreign nation is a prime example. If Paul washed his hands of them, so should we.

After the initial cleansing of the promised land, if the other nations kept their nose clean and minded their own business, there was peace. Israel and Judah, as far as I understand didn’t go looking for trouble. Why should we?
If the powers that be wanting to use Christianity as the reason to go overseas, take bibles instead of rifles.

God blessed Ismael to become 12 nations. Who are we to say how they govern and live? Doesn’t mean we can’t be good neighbors. Isaac and Ishmael came together to bury their father. Abraham always did what was right with the foreign people. He made sure his slate was clean and square.


I’m currently studying Jeremiah and reading that book, like so many others, is just like todays newspaper. Jeremiah 26:6 really stuck out to me tonight. Israel really has become a curse to all nations.

I can’t remember how many years ago I thought about Russia and felt sorry for the people because they were under propaganda. Imagine my horror and reaction when I realized, about 9 years ago, the people that live in the good ole USA were under propaganda, brainwashing and mind control. This has caused me to draw nearer to Elohim thankfully!

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I was thinking about that last night. Just as it was a slow deception being placed on all of God’s children…it’s also been a slow realization of how deceived we have all been. Trying to explain this to others is very difficult the majority of the time because they are holding on to all the worldly things that they believe in. This is where I believe growing your relationship with God and accepting Jesus as our Savior plays a big part in lifting the scales from the eyes of His children.

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I agree and see these times as the latter rain given to those who truly want to be fruitful.

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