We Need A “Shock” To Transition The World Order

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The globalists along with their grandiose visions for our future just concluded their latest venue. World Government Summit 2023 in Dubai. They unleashed their thoughts and desires in their quest for a more unified world, but they didn’t eclipse last year’s rethoric when they opened the venue saying, “Are We Ready For A New World…

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In a nutshell, world wide communism.

Anytime we are told something needs to be initiated for reason ABC, it is because they don’t want us to know the real reason, XYZ.

Covid was the latest example. Digital currency is another, claiming it will be a more secure way of handling our money, when in fact, it is to better control our money and what we buy.

Where I live, you can’t flush a toilet without the city knowing it. Every drop is monitored by a computer in real time. The same will happen with the power grid down the road.

I agree, The U.S especially, needs a ‘shock’ to snap us out of our technology stupor and take us back to reality. How often does the average American citizen consider what would happen in the event that all data systems were interrupted for just 72 hours nationwide? a week? a month? Unless you have 20 or 30 chickens, a milk cow, a few beef steers, several hogs, a root cellar with enough mason jars full of fruits, vegetables and meats, a smoke house, plenty of bulk sugar, flour and salt 40 acres of pasture, a hand drawn water well, a wood stove and oven and a couple of cords of wood split and stacked. A good rifle and a shotgun with adequate ammunition you will be in trouble. How many people do you know that have all of that? There are people who do, they are called weirdos, backward, preppers.
I call them semi sovereign citizens. I walked into a small store one day to get a cup of coffee, and a carton of bottled water. The cashier told me that her computer was down and that she couldn’t sell anything other than gas on credit card only. I asked her if I could just pay cash, No she said, I can’t ring anything up. what if we add it up on a calculator including tax? I can’t she said. I can’t make any transactions without the computer because I can’t scan the product or enter the product code number manually without the computer. That’s insane!