We Just Dodged Doomsday

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Just two weeks ago, mankind managed to avoid cosmic doom. That’s right, for all intents and purposes, mankind could have faced an extinction level event, and you probably didn’t hear a word about it. Oh, it wouldn’t have been instant annihilation, it would have been the slow painful death of humanity, all caused by a…

You’ve just made my day buddy!
When God is on our side even a child can discern right from wrong. It’s not that easy! Remember covid. I imagine all the godless Nasa scientists scratching their bald heads and cleaning their glasses!!! What a show isn’t it?

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but the earth did get wonderful aurora. Fascinating

The fact that this “scientist” used 5 emoticons in his tweet should tell us something. :grinning: :grin: :rofl: :wink:
Oh wait…

Our LORD is Almighty!