We could use some prayers for Panther

I’m joining Mr. Cozar is tapping the prayer wall this morning.

Panther is our cat of 14 fantastic years. She stopped eating suddenly about a week ago. The next day we took her in and the vet said she had a UTI. So, we got the antibiotics and her personality came back. Unfortunately, her appetite hasn’t.

She’s lost a fair bit of weight. We took her back in yesterday, the doc didn’t have an explanation for the loss of diet. In our prior visit, she had blood work, a urine sample, an ultrasound, and she looks good for a 14 year old cat. She is slightly anemic they say at 28% for the one test they did.

So, we just continue to pray she’ll be okay. We’re setting out all the goodies to eat, including tuna water. I mean seriously, who can turn down tuna water?

My apologies for missing yesterday’s post, but I was playing run to the vet. I made up for it today. Thanks for your prayers my friends.


I’m so sorry to hear Panther isn’t getting better. If you have any raw liver you can try that. Of course, grassfed beef or soy free chicken is best, but use what you can get.

I wish I could remember what we gave our cats when they were having issues…if I think of anything I’ll let you know. And prayers for God’s healing coming her way.

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Panther and the rest of the Ward family are in our prayers. Cats are tough. I’ve had sick cats before and just one day they bounce back like nothing happened.

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We are on it Buddy!

Prayers for entire family.

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Please comfort and heal Panther Father. Please give the Ward Family, your wisdom and discernment for how to care for Panther. Please help make them an even stronger family during all the emotions and situations that may come to them. In Jesus Christ Name Amen! Thank you Father!

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I’m sending prayers for Panther to feel better and start eating. Have you tried the canned tuna in oil? It may be harder to find these days but works better than the tuna packed it water.


I hope Panther will be okay. Our pets are so close to our hearts. They are precious gifts from Father. Will pray for her and your family. Please give her a hug for me!


Fantastic news!

She’s turning the corner. Through coaxing, my youngest son was her biggest caregiver yesterday. He hand fed her, in bed. Big no no around here, but difficult times call for difficult measures!

She actually ate yesterday.

Guess what put her over the top?

The chicken gravy! It was my last secret weapon I saved and it worked. She ate regular food, treats, and tuna, along with drinking water. She was much more lively as well. This is a great start for her to getting back to normal.

We have maybe two doses of antibiotics left, hopefully that kicks the last of the bugs. Folks thanks so much for all the prayers, I think you flooded the Lord and He granted your requests. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. @Martha, I never tried in oil, I saw it too. I’ll get some to try out. Thanks for the tip.


That is awesome! Thank You Father In Jesus Christ Name Amen :heart:

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Missed the post but prayers sent.


This is good news, Brandon! I’m glad to hear she’s on the mend. Please give her a warm cuddle for me. :smiley:

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Just catching up on post. Saw your request for prayer for Panther and then the turn-around. Very happy for the health change and your family. Glad to know I’m not the only one who prays for health for our pets. I pray many times for my 14 year old chihuahua’s health. Just proves all our prayers are heard.


Just a quick update.

Panther’s appetite continues to improve, and she eats without her being coaxed into it. She’s even gained a little weight from what we can tell!

Prayers were definitely answered!

Thank you all!