Was studying Exodus 34 this morning.

Verse 7 - The Lord’s mercy continues forever to those who love Him. (Psalms 89:28) (Numbers 14:18) His chastisement does too, for those who hate Him. This verse led me to Exodus 20:5.

He corrects (chastises) in measure. (Judicially, properly fit) (Jere 30:11) The punishment fits the sin. Not in anger for those who love Him. (Jere 10:24)

This led me to Matthew 23:30-33, giving an example of the measure.

The pharisees were witness unto themselves (testify, actions document) being the children (posterity, tribe, race) of their fathers (ancestors) that killed the prophets. They continued in their fathers’ sinful ways. (Exodus 20:5)

They were the seed of Abraham. (John 8:37) The Lord corrects (chastise) with measure. (Jere 30:11) The measure of sin = the measure of chastisement.

They were going past the measure of their father’s sins by crucifying Christ.
Fill up. (Complete, make full)
Hence the question of verse 33. With the measure of sin full, the measure of chastisement will be full.
“How can ye escape the damnation of hell”?

He is long suffering as we saw with the Amorites. Gen 15:16.