Was Sodom This Bad?

They just keep trying to normalize it! Glad there are still Christians out there standing up to it.

Matthew 10:15 Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgement, than for that city.


Sometimes I tend to think what we try to do is futile. It seems that the cluelessness comes from a playbook that the liberal, woke, gay etc. people use in a discussion for their point of view. No matter who I talk to, it falls exactly along the same script and procedural direction.

I have been informing some of the neighbors that we are moving and had a discussion with one gentleman and was blown away due to the area of his beliefs. I knew he was a little different, a nice guy, but never dreamed of the bizarre nonsense that he lived by.

I am not even sure how the conversation got started but it went twilight zone real fast.

Here is a list of things that he believed and was livid about (seems like Trump was the villain for most) along with my responses:

My first response was that no matter which side your beliefs fall on, it all is corrupt, and the system makes it that way.

Corporations don’t pay any tax.
Response: Your right, they pass the tax bill along, just like all business do. They also follow the tax laws that have been in for years. Did Obama or Clinton initiate a good tax plan?

We have no right to tell a woman what she can do with her body.
Response: The unborn are not the woman’s body! I follow God’s law.

All student loans forgiven was a good thing.
When do we start helping people? (As if we are not. He blames the schools for pushing college.)
Response: If someone is given a low interest loan for college, it behooves them to buckle down and earn at least a 3.5 GPA and not squander the opportunity. A degree in scrapbooking isn’t a good career choice. Did any of your liberal leaders push more students into the trades. Are they willing to put down the iPad and get dirty?

Republicans just favor the rich.
Response: Most politicians start with middle class wealth and end up at the top in a few years. We know what they earn. How is that possible? What have any of them done to help the common person other than had outs which don’t work.

Biden has tremendously bettered the economy.
Response: What stores and gas pumps do you go to? Prices are still high and I remember when gas was near 2$. How much did he add to the deficit.

Biden has created more jobs than since the great depression.
Response: How many were destroyed first and then reopened? What type of jobs were they and do they require the phrase, do you want fries with this?

If we don’t stop Putin, he will take over Europe, same as Hitler.
Response: Why is this our problem when we have trouble at home? We are forcing NATO down his throat and our western perverted ways, and he isn’t going to stand for it. Ukraine is not the golden child that you are led to believe. They were as bad as the Nazi’s is not worse.

We have been trying to keep Ukraine out of NATO.
Response: Change the news channel.

Chruch and state should not have anything to do with each other.
Response: This has been taken out of context. The church is forbidden to be a tyrant leading the nation and the nation is not to be a tyrant and abolish the church. The government is to follow God’s laws in running the nation, the way it was founded.

We need new young blood in politics and that would straighten things out.
Response: Do you really believe that after the young Z’s were elected, they would not be corrupted the same as the older politicians? The system is corrupt, and it won’t matter who is leading us until the system is thrown out and we start over.

After each response the topic moves to the next instead of coming to a general conclusion. I was accused of the, “what about, what about” syndrome as if I was trying to convert him.
Trying to make the point that all of them are corrupt, they jockey back and forth whomever is in the white house, is futile with most of these people.
They don’t tally what their favorite leaders have really done, they just etch in granite what the ones have done that they don’t like.

Thought some of you might find this interesting.

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So the bottom line here is your soon to be ex-neighbor is glad you are leaving! :rofl: :joy:

It may seem doubtful, but we will never know if one of those things you stated to him will actually make him think for himself and take root! So good for you that you kept the conversation going and didn’t just try to end it. I know I have done just that…finding a way to end the conversation. So once again, I found something that I need to work on with myself.

This was one area that I agree with him on! I saw the big change in direction in around the late 70’s early 80’s. Guidance counsellors at high schools were starting to make the trade jobs look like low class jobs. I didn’t really realize it at the time, but must admit that listening to the counselors words made me feel uncomfortable or just didn’t feel right to me. Now I look back and I can see exactly what they were doing. No better way to push kids into colleges to not only launder money, but to further indoctrinate them. It certainly evolved over time.


I agree. The ironic thing is when I asked him whose fault it was, he said it goes back to the parents. I said what a minute, the libs say that the children don’t belong to the parents anymore. When they tell the school to back off, they are labeled terrorists. Also, what is the general makeup of the school boards? Liberals.

Point being, if you think the parents are to blame for not steering their children toward the proper continued education, then why should I pay for their loans when they flunk out, let the burden be on the parents or the students.

That is when the subject will change.

Snowman, I’ve always said that the words ‘homosexuality’ and ‘pride’ are no synonymous than the words ‘fun’ and ‘cancer’. Lets always stand on the truth and common sense and tell it like it truly is.

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