WAR: Israel tanks in Gaza, Secret U.S. Base, More

Some updates…

Last night, Israel kicked the war up a notch. Tanks entered Gaza.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said the war had “entered a new phase.”


The ground raids come amid heavy air bombardments and Israel knocking out communications in Gaza to create a near-blackout of information, largely cutting off the besieged population of 2.3 million from contact with the outside world.

To me, Israel will slowly crank this up.

When you shut off communication, that signals the next level of war.

Casualties & Injuried

UN Resolution

Overwhelmingly, UN members voted for an immediate ceasefire (again) and immediate aid for those in Gaza. The U.S. and Israel voted no.


Saudi Arabia warns Israel

Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry,

“The Kingdom … warns of the danger of continuing to carry out these blatant and unjustified violations of international law against our brotherly Palestinians.”

Warns Israeli invasion in Gaza could be “catastrophic.”

It’s not looking good my friends.

Escalation and more escalation…


I did want to mention the part he said about “brotherly Palestinians.”

Sometimes people get caught up on the term “Palestinians.” For those who don’t know, those people are Arabs. Palestinians are not a difference race, it’s an identifier. This becomes a hot topic as the two sides debate on whose land it is.

The word “Palestine” is actually found in Joel 3:4. It most likely comes from the word, “Philistines,” we all recognize that name from Scripture. Even the Jews acknowledge this.

It’s thought since the 12th century, Arabs have lived in what we call Palestine. As people struggle over power, land names change over time, so do people. Just look at “America” today.

Back to war…

U.S. Expands Secret Base In Israel

Another U.S. base, just in time for more war.

Two months before Hamas attacked Israel, the Pentagon awarded a multimillion-dollar contract to build U.S. troop facilities for a secret base it maintains deep within Israel’s Negev desert, just 20 miles from Gaza. Code-named “Site 512,” the longstanding U.S. base is a radar facility that monitors the skies for missile attacks on Israel.

Biden defends Syria attack

The U.S. attacked Iranian facilities in Syria, as the U.S. base in Syria was attacked by some opposing force.

Biden said,

The United States took this necessary and proportionate action consistent with international law and in the exercise of the United States’ inherent right of self-defense as reflected in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter. - White House

This kills me…

Our base in Syria is ILLEGAL.

How is that acting “consistant with international law” and in “self-defense?”


This is a whopper!

“IDF proof claims Hamas terror base built under main Gaza hospital” it begins with an animated video of Hamas terror camps under the Gaza City hospital. Then it cuts into some audio clips of setup questions about where the secret base is located, under the hospital.

Perhaps it’s true, but I’m sorry folks, this is not proof and stinks of propaganda. Even if it’s true, they need more evidence than this. This is not proof of anything. These are attempts to justify actions.

Israeli PM Netanyahu said,

“This is our second independence war. We will fight on the land, air and from the sea. We will fight on the ground and under the ground. In this war, we stand together – this is the fight of our life.” - Fox News

Lots of hyperbole there.

The “we stand together” is an interesting statement, considering Israel had been near civil war for the past 8 months due to Netanyahu’s politics.

Isn’t it ineresting how when a person finally sees what’s going on, they can’t unsee it. And then that leads to seeing the evil in almost every single thing in our world right now.

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Interesting developments

  • Czech defense minister calls for country to leave UN after Israel resolution omits Hamas, hostages
  • Israeli ambassador delcares UN has ‘completely lost’ its legitimacy

In order for their to be a new world order, the former must pass away.