Walk Worthy of God Being Just and Unblamable - 1 Thessalonians 2

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Paul brought the Gospel to the Thessalonians and always presented himself professionally. He made it known, he acted on a true heart to provide the perfect example of a Christian.


Thank you for bringing my attention to what happened Philippi. The damsel that the spirit of divination was cast out of makes me think about all of the scientists, doctors, teachers, etc. that are under the control of satan’s spirit. What I mean by that is they are not thinking for themselves. They are going by what they were taught in colleges, seminars, special trainings and the like.

I remember watching an interview years ago with a scientist on the Mark Levin show. He was talking about how scientists don’t speak out when they find something that goes against what they were originally taught as fact. They would be ousted by their “peers” and that “professional” community. He also compared it to the medical field and education. I don’t think a lot of Christians realize they have to question EVERYTHING and apply common sense, their God given wisdom. So many are working in their professions with a true heart in helping people, but their not asking God for guidance. And when or if they do question something, there is a risk of losing their job and money. It all goes back to a shaky foundation.

I wonder how many of these professors and doctors are truly doing their jobs with honest and true intensions that would be pleasing to God. Or are they trying to impress others or to increase their monetary gain. Back to Brandon’s point in Colossians 2:8.

I understand that this chapter is speaking of spreading God’s word, but I think we need to not only compare this to our churches of today, but also all things of this world.

Another great study Brandon! Thank you!

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Sometimes, I think we give Satan too much credit. If you think about it, his punishment is the same as all the rest that don’t want to adhere to the heavenly and earthly rules.

It’s all about choice. Either you are going to follow or not. Granted, the superior beings know more than we do since we are looking through a cloudy glass at the total picture and it is really considered blind faith.
His power is knowing our weak spot and using it or using the weak spot of others to come at us.
Sometimes you just have to stand in front of the mirror and practice saying no.

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