US Suicides Hit an All-Time High Last Year

Isn’t this horrible?

Society keeps changing and telling us we are making progress, but I’m just not seeing it. We need more Christian soldiers in the world spreading the word of God. People need hope, they need something they can believe in and God is it. No the vain hope of men.

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How bad must it be when you don’t even appreciate life at a young age. When we were kids, we looked forward to going outside and playing whatever we could come up with. We had to be called in every night or else and pushed for more play time.

Today, you don’t see the youth outside enjoying nature etc. Modern tech has ruined being a kid, and if not supervised, it continues into adulthood. The I want attitude and not having to work for things, takes away the appreciation of having them and the hole cannot be filled later in life. The pleasure goes away which also escalates into not valuing life itself.

Student loans are a good example. College opportunity is given to you, it is not appreciated but looked on as entitlement, the work to excel through it isn’t applied and then in the end, the responsibility to pay for it is erased.

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Such great points.

I’ve said it before, but every RV park we go to, people come up to me every time and tell me how well behaved my kids are. They said you’re doing something right. We’ve been at this for five years now, and I’ve heard more compliments the last two years than ever before. I thought, are kids really that bad today?

I think the answer is yes. The camp host said, your kids look at me, talk to me and play well together. Everyone has noticed it. I will say, 90% of the time when I walk by a kid and say hi they won’t look at you or they will look at not say anything.

Sad stuff.

Are the people who compliment you older in life? I would think those would notice more than the younger generation since that is how they were raised.

Besides technology, part of that is the whole “stranger danger” ploy they have engraved in so many minds. Once again, out of fear for our children, they made people afraid to interact with others. Yes, kids have to be aware and careful, I get that, but kids also have common sense (that gets altered by the parents/tech/media etc.),

And I know many will disagree here, but the psychologists and psychiatrists many times make this whole thing worse. I know that a lot of them have good intentions, but putting people on drugs to help is the WRONG way to go about it. And as I’ve mentioned before, the whole medical field is based on a shady science, they don’t have a solid foundation. If they would just put God into the equation and help them understand the purpose of this life and to follow God and His teachings, this wouldn’t be happening. But they can’t do that because that might offend someone.

Sad…and it makes my heart hurt seeing the struggles of people today.

They’re always older, I’d say 60+.

I figured. Same as me, when I see the kids of today, I think, if I would have acted like that and talked back, I would be spitting teeth.