United Nations Accelerates Agenda 2030

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The moment has finally arrived, the United Nations is about to accelerate Agenda 2030. I’ve mentioned many times now, for the globalists to successfully implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of Agenda 2030, they’re going to kick it into high gear soon. After all, we’re only 7 years away from 2030. Well, high gear begins…


Last year i noticed King Charles III pushing his website and the Terra Carta. "For nature, people and planet - their slogan sure pushes the worship of the creation instead of the creator and all their content is perfectly in line with the content of this article which covers the UN’s and the WEF’s same garbage: sustainable-markets(dot)org/

I read it just to see what idiocy they are now entertaining. Since then, the website has slowly changed, they’ve removed the very blatant (to me) 666 symbol, which looks like a 3 feather duster, which is also included in Charles’ coat of arms as well as the Rotschild one. Complete with red dragons and a phoenix bird, i kid you not. They also added an Astra Carta. I’m puzzled on that “astra” part and why they deemed it a necessity, unless they do plan to pull a “blue beam operation” and fake an alien invasion/rapture…speaking of desperate measures, as you mentioned🙄. It’s interesting to see the world governments “reading and following” the same “manual” since 2020. The US government also has their way of disclosing their plans, albeit in very boring ways but there is mind blowing info if you look up the Federal Select Agent program, the word agent indicating chemical agents, the CDC and dept of Agriculture update the public info in it and boy is it eye opening in understanding the purpose behind the recent trail derailments (not any trains, but those with hazardous chemicals). It’s right there, in black and white, for those who seek it: selectagents(dot)gov.
Really, who reads through terms of service of downloaded apps? much less seeking government issued, in our face disclosures of what is going on and what is comingdown the pipe. Check out the Code of Federal Regulations website ecfr(dot)gov/
Read the sections regarding “preparedness” for each topic, those pages are the most damning of all and what they are planning is CRAZY. In line with what you mention in regards to " desperate measures". Other official, public documents with hair rising info to look up are: US Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS), UN Terrestrial Code, UN manual for diagnostic tests and vaccines for terrestrial animals (humans are categorized in the animal section and what’s with the “terrestrial” wording?).
I delve a bit more into the mark of the beast theory in the “666” section of my website, with pics of the coats of arms of Charles and the Rothschilds as well as its creepy symbolism (tiny(dot)cc/777YW). Just scroll towards the bottom for the topic if you feel inclined to check it out.
Thanks for your blog, my teens and i enjoy reading it and we’re getting caught up on your articles. After our Bible reading time, we discuss them. Keep them coming, please!

Maranatha, your sister in the Lord
Rose Reshkuf

My employer has given me a course of “sustainability” and agenda 2030 displayed a few times and everytime in the backward. This is scary. My employer is very committed to this. The people is not seeing it. But it is there. Nice decade ahead.

There’s definitely a sense of foreboding about this particular summit, wasn’t aware of it prior. But the sheer number of summits in such quick succession is in my opinion a clear sign of desperation and an indication of a floundering globalist agenda, as proven statistically.

I say this as the UN has yet another Summit slated for September 2024, “Summit of the Future”, which will “build upon the SDG Summit and breathe new life into the multilateral system so that it can deliver on the promises of the United Nations Charter and the 2030 Agenda”.

Both these summits (2023 SDG Summit & Summit of the Future) will culminate in yet ANOTHER summit, “Pact for the Future” 2024, where “an action-oriented Pact for the Future will be endorsed by Heads of State/Government”.

That this pact will be endorsed by heads of state is described by the UN as a foregone conclusion and perhaps the UN is justified in their rather brazen assertion:

For one, the leader of the free world, Joe Biden proposed, “breathing new life into the UN charter” back in 1992. This verbiage is strikingly similar to that used by the UN in describing the desired outcomes of the 2024 Summit and evokes (on a longer-term view) imagery of Revelation 13:15. On the flipside, Putin and Xi, who are supposedly antithetical to globalism and are pro-national sovereignty, reaffirmed their unswerving support to the acceleration of the UN 2030 SDGs Agenda in their joint statement last year (2022), in which they openly propose:

“In order to accelerate the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the sides call on the international community to take practical steps in key areas of cooperation such as poverty reduction, food security, vaccines and epidemics control, financing for development, climate change, sustainable development, including green development, industrialization, digital economy, and infrastructure connectivity.”

Leading proponents of both global governing ideologies (unipolar and multipolar) seem to be on board with the SDGs and the radical empowerment of the UN. Though the war in Ukraine has divided opinion across ideological lines, I do wonder if it’ll occasion any fundamental regarding their commitment to the UN agenda.

In any case, the agenda is being implemented incrementally…by degrees.

Thanks for the update, this summit may indeed prove to be a momentous one.


Thank you for that update and information as well. I’ll have to take a look at all of that. Interesting times indeed!

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There are many businesses in the US that have it plastered all over the place as well. It’s hard NOT to see it! And I’ve heard a couple friends mention special training for the “agenda goals” as well.

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Pretty wonderful and thanks for the update. This is nothing but conspiracy. Who are these folks behind the scene?

I agree wholly with you Brandon, except when you said, ’ we might be entering some evil times. That gave me a knee jerk, We entered into evil times 33 yrs ago. That is why today we have a hard time naming at least twenty high ranking officials that are patriotic Christians in the house and the senate, and those people are mocked and persecuted by the majority. Very telling.