United Methodist Just Lost 249 More Churches

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It’s an interesting story, one that was fairly elusive to find details on. Another 249 churches left the United Methodist denomination, but why? The details were sketchy, even on the Methodist website. In fact, I reached out to the Methodist organization for those fine details, but I haven’t heard back yet. Nevertheless, I ended up…


great article and thank you for bringing it to our attention. I applaud these that are making a move to stand on Biblical principles.

It’s coming more and more. “having done all to stand, stand therefore!”

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While it’s sad to see Christianity continue to become fractured, this is actually a very good sign. We have Christians who are fed up with sin, and they are making drastic decisions to do their best to live under God’s Law.

So true! I pray more will stand up for God’s laws. I’ve seen this in other churches as well.

They now preach fables to the people, people who are foolishly being spun into their web of lies.

They are the ones that will be judged first. How many of them KNOW what they are doing is wrong in God’s eyes, but still continue to do it. Or are they just so caught up in the “world” and just plain leave God out of the equation. Look how many people are getting caught in the web. :disappointed:


They all know. That is why we are called racist, hate mongers etc. Scripture tells us they know but enjoy living in the sin. They are haters of God. Pleasure is chosen over obedience.

I dealt with this gay nonsense over Thanksgiving within our family. A nephew. The parents are faithful church attenders, the father is a deacon. I sent them all the scripture I have on my subject list with explanations with no response.

Driving 1000 miles to attend the holiday dinner and be with all the whole family, the mother and nephew treated me like I had leprosy. Then they had the coming out statement before their departure for anyone who might not have known. We all did. The pride of it all made me grind my teeth since I promised the host not to disrupt the event.

There are family and then relatives.

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I believe Satan has taken over ALL religions. The four hidden dynasties–Political, Education, Economics, and Religion. Remember he is the prince of the world. If we stay with God’s WORD, and ask for comfort from ALL these evils, we can get through it.


I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. It creeps in everywhere if people don’t know that it is an abomination to our Lord God. I dropped off my niece at high school (where I used to attend) and found out that they have a LGBTQ club! I’m so thankful that I homeschool my son. He knows right from wrong.

I always think of the ones that are brought up not being told the truth - the ones that have been deceived their whole life. I agree that there are many that KNOW, but I also believe many never had a chance. Only God knows the heart of each man. I look at the priesthood and pastoral “education” that they go through like I look at the medical field indoctrination…and basically all industrialized education. It’s really sad to see so many swept up within it and truly feel they are doing good.


I haven’t read the full article yet, but I can attest or affirm deep issues within the church and what they are willing to support. My husband and I walked away from DUMC in MS, 2016. I had to. That’s when finding a good church all started, prior to COVID.
Short version: After early retirement I thought it would be great to get involved with church during the week and started going women’s group meeting on Thursdays at 1000. I was so excited. [Mississippi was in process of passing HB 1523. In fact, I called or made my voice heard to pass this. HB1523 (As Sent to Governor) - 2016 Regular Session (state.ms.us). this was when the wedding cake/cookies/coach’s prayer were being infringed on. So the bill did pass.]
So, back to my second meeting with the women. A majority of us were talking prior to Lay leader showing up and giving praise over HB passing. Lay leader walks in hears us talking and starts saying how disappointed she was and embarrassed for state and so on. I said, “No. This is what we wanted --it protects our religious freedoms.” I got accused of being discriminative. I said something else (forget exactly) (all other women had stopped talking period) and across from the table she looked right at me and in a stern voice said, “What, did Leviticus get to you?” God must have sealed my mouth --I just looked her in disbelief and confusion, we exchanged glares, and she started the meeting. I went straight home read all of Leviticus and just cried. I tried reaching out to our Pastor through an email and got some blah, blah, blah. This was my first real wakeup call and challenge from so called “Christians.” We had a small community, and I was getting shunned by my own church family. We left and went to another church. I’d like to say that was the last problem I had in a church, but the one in Iowa (2018-2020) split due to “wokeness” b/f I knew what it was. It was awful. Well, we moved to Oklahoma in the heart of COVID (APR 2020). It took a year to find a GOD BREATHED bible believing church. I’m so thankful for our Pastor and church. Unfortunately, this isn’t limited to the UMC. Good article, topic to bring up👍


Wow - what a wake up call for you! I still have not found a brick and mortar church, but I’m not really looking that hard either. I’m comfortable studying and interacting with like minded Christian online. Especially this group…the FB groups are really getting wonky! It’s sad to see and even more sad to see Christians dividing themselves…although some need to be divided!

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That goes to the real problem. No one else will back up the truth and stand against the nonsense. It is the same in society. People don’t have a backbone. They all want to be accepted no matter what. The rest of the women should have had a voice too.

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What a story. A real experience, dealing with real people. I loved this Faithful.