Unique Pepper Sauce

So we have started making pepper sauce. We use this as a condiment for sandwiches, taco’s, tortilla chips, burrito’s and more. You can make it with whatever peppers you like! We like to make it with various hot (and not so hot) peppers. There are so many interesting flavors in different peppers so don’t be shy trying ones you haven’t in the past. Habanero’s have a unique flavor, but I don’t like how hot they are - so we just add one or two. So I called this recipe “Unique Pepper Sauce” because each batch can be made to your own individual taste. And it’s not really a “recipe” per se because there isn’t measurements involved. (Sorry, that’s the way I cook…)

Unique Pepper Sauce

In a large sauce pan place various peppers of your choice (Jalapeno, Poblano, Anaheim, Cubanelle, Serrano, Hungarian, Chili to name a few). I just cut them in large hunks. Add some smashed garlic cloves and hunks of onion. Fill the pan with water. Cook until tender. Drain the water off and put the contents into a food processor. Blend it almost to your desired consistency. While the food processor is running, stream in some avocado oil - maybe 1/4 cup or so. The oil will emulsify and thicken the sauce.

After that, you can add seasonings of your choice. I always add sea salt and fresh squeezed lime juice. You can also add some chili powder, coriander, oregano…whatever floats your boat!

I put it in a mason jar and put in the fridge. When I use it, I sometimes add sour cream or milk kefir. I’ve also added some fresh chopped tomatoes. It’s such a versatile base sauce to have on hand!

Let me know if you try it and what you’ve added!


My mouth started watering just reading your post. :smile:
I have pepper plants in the garden so I’ll try this when they’re ready to be picked.

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My pepper plants are :poop: this year, so I’ve been having to buy mine. I think the cold spring and cooler summer my plants just aren’t doing what they are supposed to. I just have stuck with hydroponics this year…but just didn’t have the energy.

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My pepper plants are doing well but my tomato plants aren’t. We’ve had lots of rain by thunderstorms and not much slow steady rain. I’m not sure that matters but I’ve heard it could.
Good thing the grocery store is stocked :joy:

Not after I’m there! LOL We wipe them out. :wink: (I wonder what the produce guy thinks…)