Ukraine To Be Divided: Russia Mobilizes For War

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Our world is quickly becoming a dangerous and scary place. The daily headlines don’t say it, but the battle for a new world order rages with each passing day. The West simply wants sole control of it. That is the core tenant to understand concerning the war in Ukraine. More on that later. About a…

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I personally believe Ukraine people are the tribe of Gad and some of Judah.
:point_right: Ukrainians - Tribe of Gad :point_down:
I would like to share my observation about the people of Ukraine. Esau/Russians and their propaganda media, talking heads keep name-calling Ukrainians “gad/гад” and that they need to be exterminated. So, I found some scriptures to support my observation that the people of Ukraine are part of the tribe of Gad, mixed with the tribe of Judah/Lion=Germany.
“GAD” in the KJV Bible :point_right: Deuteronomy 33:20, Numbers 32:6, Ezekiel 48:28, Joshua 4:12, Genesis 49:19, Numbers 24:18,
Strong’s H1416 - gᵊḏûḏ
Easton’s Bible Dictionary - Gad This tribe was fierce and warlike; they were “strong men of might, men of war for the battle, that could handle shield and buckler, their faces the faces of lions, and like roes upon the mountains for swiftness”
:point_right: Gad - military tent.
:point_right: Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III; “Ukraine people, who have fought valiantly”

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