Ukraine regions vote to join Russia, US greenlights weapons use

The four regions in Ukraine voted to join Russia. The West says it’s a “sham”. Who knows, but I see pictures of a ballot box and paper ballots in public view.

In the US, we vote with machines and ensure the results are private. Sham?

The US is already saying, Ukraine can use US weapons against these regions. No attempts at peace.

Lastly, the EU looks to soften sanctions against Russia (again) for their own benefit. Isn’t that helping to fund the “Russian war machine”?


Regardless of our own beliefs on this whole deal, tomorrow, Russia will sign an agreement that brings the four regions under the Russian umbrella.

The signing ceremony of agreements on the accession of new territories into the Russian Federation will be held on Friday, September 30, at 15:00 in the Kremlin, spokesman for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

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It’s official, the four regions have joined Russia.

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US and NATO meddling in Ukraine is the sole cause of Putin invading Ukraine. this situation is identical to when Nakita chummed up to Castro in the early sixties and began setting up missile launchers in Cuba 90 miles off of US coast . Kennedy issued an ultimatum 'remove the launchers or we will launch a nuclear first strike at Russia. Some people may not realize that Kiev is only 400 miles from Moscow as the missile flies. I see absolutely no difference between the two situations.