Ukraine is beyond dirty!

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This is politics with bullets.


I heard it was personally piloted by the Ghost of Kiev,straight from the Snake island.

As soon as I read the article blaming Russia I KNEW it wasn’t Russia. I’m actually surprised that the truth actually came out…of course, we don’t even know if that’s really the truth either.

Still can’t get the image of Zelenskyy dancing in high heels out of my head.

I had a young employee state to me recently, ‘that that ol’ Putin is an evil dictator and killing innocents in Ukraine. 'we should nuke Russia off of the face of the earth! It was early morning and I hadn’t yet drank my coffee. I was stunned at his comment and I just stared at him. He asked me later that day if he had said something wrong. I asked him why he despised Putin so much. He replied, 'well I don’t know, 'that’s what everybody is saying, that’s what the news says. It is so important for family members to talk about and share their thoughts so the whole family is on the same page. and educated, constantly searching for truth.


This what the left is so good at, gas lighting. Many fall for it. When asked why, they have no clue. Just sheep.


you probably never will either, once you see something like that, it is kind of hard to get it out of your thoughts.


I could be wrong, but you would think with billions and billions of dollars in aid, he could at least buy a sport coat.

I never have ever see him wear anything but that green shirt, long or short sleeve, doesn’t make any difference. maybe they don’t have colors in ukraine?

I did once, but the heels got most of the attention.

Just the other day, the New York Times reported Ukraine has a corruption problem.

Who woulda knew?

I certainly never reported on it… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

So here’s the latest from the NYT

  • Several top Ukrainian officials were fired on Tuesday, including the governors of several Ukrainian regions, amid a ballooning corruption scandal.

The U.S. has sent $113 billion of our tax payer dollars to a corrupt nation to fight Russia for us? Apparently, their leaders are driving around in flashy cars and living in mansions. I wonder what the Ukrainian ground forces think about that?

Here’s another interesting bit…

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How is this possible?

You always find great stuff Wes! Great contribution. On another note, this is utter insanity. I’m about to move to the mountains and live like Jeremiah Johnson.

Ukraine corrupt, no way! :exploding_head: