Uhh ohh NATO is spreading conspiracy theories and disinformation

:scream: NATOs spreading ā€œconspiracy theoriesā€ and ā€œdisinformationā€ saying sabotage is to blame for the leak in the Nord Stream pipeline.

Say it ainā€™t so!

All I know is Europe = :cold_face:

well the pipeline 1 and2 were blown up. I believe Russia spent lots of money building that, donā€™t think russia would do it?

Rumors of Greta Thunberg seen snorkeling in the area prior.

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a little humor is always good!

Yes I realize how serious this is.
I just need some laughter medicine.
I am sure the Pentagon will give us the facts. :rofl:

RT says two large blasts caused the pipeline leak and they cite the WSJ. I couldnā€™t find a good source for that. Something is afoul in the air, thatā€™s for certain.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands continue to protest the sanctions against Russia. The people are going to be mighty chilly this winter.