Uhh ohh, AI's gone woke!

So AI (ChatGPT) can write about a fictional drag queen, but it cannot write about a fictional story about the election?

No bias there…

Even better, embedding this Tweet says “FALSE ELECTION NARRATIVE PROHIBITED” :rofl: AI refused to write about the 2020 election, it’s been programmed to do so. Here’s a screenshot of what that Tweet actually says.

So it can appear on Twitter, but they won’t let you embed it on another site. INSANITY!

We’re DOOMED! :tornado::dash::cloud_with_lightning:

P.S. They say AI will be writing 90% of all content online in just two years. Joy.


A for artificial alright. Fake as the data it receives. “I” for intelligence…loaded with the knowledge of some good, but mostly evil.

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So what’s the problem with that? said the blind fool.