U.S. military to rename bases with Confederate ties

Now they’re going to rename military bases with Confederate “ties”.

Who can even be proud of the military anymore? Our leaders have our boys wearing high heels and they keep pouring on the woke. God’s will not bless that!

Very sad.


When they rename an aircraft carrier the George Floyd I hope they put a picture of him holding the gun to the belly of the pregnant black woman while his bro’s did a home invasion on it.


the civil war was very real and no doubt the most important chapter of of our young nations history costing the lives of more men than all other wars combined before and since. The greatest test of Americans will and faith. Because of our great will and faith we healed and became one again. Something that every American should be proud of. How can we know where we are going if we forget where we started from? How many black, white, yellow and red Americans have fought and died shoulder to shoulder together and for the same cause in all of the wars since? That’s the real truth, and exactly why some people do not want you to acknowledge that.

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