Twitter must follow Indian laws – Musk

This has popped up a couple different times now. Certain posts will be censored in order to comply with world governments. It’s a tough nut to crack, either comply or be shut down in that nation all together.

I wonder what all their laws entail. Can people talk about Christianity there, or would the government deemed that speech be banned and if so, you already know what will happen.

What a mess.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has responded to allegations that the Indian government threatened the social media site with a shutdown unless it censored certain posts.

Musk: “Twitter doesn’t have a choice but to obey local governments. If we don’t obey local government laws then we will get shut down,"

Never liked Musk…just gives me that creepy feeling when ever I see his face.

But we know it’s all a foolish game…game of fools is all it is. We know the end game and we know God wins. It’s gotten so much easier for me to read headlines and news now compared to before. I used to get all emotional over it all. Now I sit back, read, think about how it fits into God’s plan and pray for guidance. Trusting in God. Aren’t y’all glad we know how it ends and how to trust in our Savior. Sure makes life easier!

Edited to add…
After I got done writing this I went to start my studies for the night. I’m studying Psalms and this is where I picked up. PSA 49:1-20
Quite fitting! (Can’t seem to get the linking to work, using my phone. :upside_down_face:)