Twitter Files part 9: Vast web of coordination between tech giant and CIA, State Department, other agencies

It wasn’t just the FBI nudging Twitter, it was other agencies as well. This is something we all knew, but couldn’t prove. Well, here’s the proof.

Our entire government needs to be dismantled. Our founders told us, when our government stops representing the people, it’s our duty to remove them.

I keep telling the wife, I might be going rogue soon. She said, can you get us a house first? I nodded in agreement.

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Yea Def the gov is very evil. They come as an angel of light. They creat a problem to give you the solution they want you to take. Def prep and get ready for all thier games and stand firm!


Here’s the thing though, who gave Big Tech their power over the people?


Every time we decided to use Google, Facebook, and Twitter, we did it to ourselves. It’s why I ditched social media, which I only used for promoting WEB. I only came back to Twitter due to Musk. We complain and complain about Big Tech, and then we use their products to help enslave us some more.

It doesn’t make much sense, does it?