Trump’s possible indictment

According to reports, these charges were never even pursued by the Feds, but NY may file charges. All over hush money for a woman? Insanity.

Here’s Trump’s message saying he will be indicted on Tuesday. However, his attorneys know nothing about any timing of such an event. Is he seeking media attention?

All I know, is I told the wife yesterday. If he is cuffed and it’s seen on national TV, over a frivolous charge and it blows over… Then it’s going to reap lots of voters in his corner. It’s almost like the left wants him to win. He has so much negative publicity, this would really do a lot to fix some of that with certain people.

What say you?

I haven’t really given it much thought as I have purposely had my head in the ground. However, after reading his message I would agree. It appears this could be used to help him. By design :thinking: ?
It’ll be interesting to watch unfold. So I guess that means I have to remove my head from the dirt.

I’m gonna go fishing.

Hmm. Maybe the dems are pushing this because the one republican that Biden can beat is Trump.

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i am going to go eat popcorn for the show! just like hillary was going to jail, just like the swap was cleaned up. oh brother give me a break.

I thought trump said he heard this as a leak. Could have been/may be/gossip to begin with. It’s how the leaker was understood. But many times a leaker in this sphere may not be passing the info along correctly to begin with, and the listener hears it the way they hear it. They did raid his home…that was enough for me to make some judgements about those currently running this country.

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I heard it once said that there is no such thing as ‘bad’ publicity.