Three years after decriminalization, Oregon frets over drug use

Nothing ever ceases to amaze me.

Oregon now finds itself in the midst of a drug epidemic due to their own legalization of hardcore drugs.

Who woulda thunk it?

You know, when I was a Network Engineer, we tested our ideas before we ever delivered them to the end user. When it required new software, sometimes other companies were involved to assist with all sorts of testing. To see, how the end user would respond.

Apparently, states don’t do such things. Nope, they just come up with a wacky idea and pass a law only later to realize it was a bad idea. I tell you what, the people who run government must be kindergarten drop outs.

I think they did the testing on themselves.

I must be missing something. The goal was to legalize drugs, so the legal system didn’t have to treat the addiction, meanwhile increase the health system to correct the problem.

So, that is like eliminating all the speed signs, so the legal system doesn’t have to deal with it and building more hospitals with ER’S to treat the accident victims.

To call these people morons is an insult to the true moron.

If this nation really wanted to eliminate the drug problem, it could. When money is lent to some of these nations, they aren’t going to pay it back selling straw hats and clay pots.


Their not really stupid…they wanted an epidemic and thats what they got. They want to dumb down people with drugs and take more of our tax dollars. That is their game…the left AND the right.