This Is Why God Destroyed His Vineyard

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Do you ever wake up, crank up the news and think, what the heck happened? I mean what happened to sensibility, common sense, and decency? It’s certainly absent from our world these days. How ironic, since the modern world was supposed to bring everyone closer together. Technology was supposed to make life easier, benefit all,…


You nailed it Brandon! Very good commentary.

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AMEN! I re-read Isaiah last year and my eyes were opened wide looking at all the comparisons to our world today. We all need to stand for righteousness and the true Christians worldwide. Pray for them daily to help spread the word where they can. Keep practicing faith in Him. In everything you do, keep God in the equation. When losing loved ones, lean on Him and put your trust in Him. Even just chatting with friends and family, bring God into the conversation. Plant those seeds and don’t worry about them sprouting or not, God wiĺl take care of that.

All of this tech and “progress” is for the birds! There was no way anything will be profitable or worth a darn thing if God is not part of it. Just imagine the progress we will be able to make when heaven is on earth! We will all keep God in the equation and there wiĺl be no evil. What an amazing world to look forward to!!

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This is exactly why the people see America in decline. Most don’t know why or care to know.

This is why the modern-day church as a whole, doesn’t teach the Old Testament. They act like God was old and cranky back in the day and Jesus came to be the modern savior with nothing but love and inclusiveness.