This Is Why Education Has Taken A Left Turn

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For years, even decades, the education system in America has been failing. Not just failing, but it’s become a major part of the political arena. Even if you don’t realize it. Daily, our children are bombarded with political ideologies in the classroom. History class doesn’t just consist of teaching the kids about, well, history. Oh…

Its sad about education and social media and teens and young children. These are all connected. In my family alone ive had a granddaughter who cuts herself and is depressed. Who thinks she might be a boy. Shes 14. Ive had one niece try overdosing once. Shes 16. Then a nephew who is majorly depressed at 16 who has attempted suicide 3 times snd cant be left alone. Im so angry at no one but Satan. Hes truly the cause behind it all. Im eagerly awaiting the day he goes to the burning lake. I pray im still here to see that. Right up front. Our 4 dynasties are being replaced by evil agenda and we all know who is instigating it all. Its no surprise because it is written these things and more would happen if we did not listen to our Heavenly Father. Religion will be replaced by a dark imitation of belief. Get ready brethren its going to get rough. But God has chosen us because we can Do It. Appreciate all the wonderful topics. How Blessed we are to have such a Wonderful Father. He wont put up with the innocent being harmed with such perverted agenda. Hes coming soon. Hang on to your Faith and Beliefs. Dont go anywhere without the gospel armor. Love to all.

I’m so sorry that you have to experience those things personally. :pensive: I can tell you one thing for sure…many teens get snared into what is considered the “in thing”. The cutting, the transgenderism, all of that. Many times it’s done just to fit in. So sad. And it’s happening in private schools as well. I always go back to God’s teaching - teach your children so they have a solid rock foundation. Satan continues to chip away in this world.

Prayers for your you and your family.