This is what happens to children without discipline

This child learned that behavior from his parents, and he will grow up the same, and father more like this.

Never forget, God said to discipline your children, including spankings when necessary, (Pro 13:24). A lack of discipline is a major problem with the youth of today.


It’s so incredibly sad when I see things like this. That child’s mind has been corrupted. These are the children, that grow up to be men, that still will not have a chance. So many of the parents today have corrupted minds and very well could be from childhood. This is one of the reasons God will have the millennium period, so all of His children will have that chance of living in the eternity. As we continue to study and learn and look at the world around us all I can think of is “Sweet to the lips, but bitter in the stomach”.


Reminds me of these verses: 2 Timothy 3-17 ( text

When I look around I see these actions of evil more and more.

My alcoholic dad made sure that my brothers had a hellish life, our family was severely broken by the time I was 11 years old. It was my mothers mother who saved my life . she taught me about the word of God and the story of Jesus and the holy ghost when I was very young. I wound up up completely on my own at age 13 in an attempt to escape. I never went back, was married at sixteen to the woman I’m still married to over fifty years later. I can’t begin to explain hoe hard it was for two kids to survive in a very cruel world. But God truly blessed us and watched over us always.
we getting old and grey now, our children are grown up and moved away and we have many grandchildren. all of them turned out pretty good, No authors or doctors, lawyers or anything notable. just plain common folks, but they all know God and are vet humble. that’s good enough for me. I still tear up when I read Proverbs 22;6 No truer words ever spoken, of course all of Gods wisdom is perfect.


Wow - what a life you had. I cannot imagine what that would be like and yes, God was for sure watching over you. And to top it off you and your wife raised humble God fearing children! Love your reference to Proverbs 22:6.

As for the notability…I’m quite the opposite when it comes to what is notable and what is not. Not being a doctor, lawyer or author is much more notable in my eyes! I’ve seen too many that go into those fields and they are no longer humble or God fearing individuals, if they ever were.

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Welcome Kevin, glad to see you join!

It sounds like you’ve had a rough go, but you never forgot about God. That’s very admirable. :+1:t3:

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God sure is great! I am glad you had your grandmother to help you through that.

Welcome aboard!

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