This is the aftermath of transgenderism

A must watch to understand what is happening out there. As we all know, the trans rage is a mental illness, not a lifestyle. Here is a first hand account.


This goes much deeper than i even thought. a man wrote a book called the transgender industrial complex. i am researching a video he did. just horrible stuff that the normal person couldn’t even imagine, or want to imagine. all the things going on in our world is all tied into this. there were two boys (identical twins) born, i guess you will have to do your own research, to see what happened to them, just horrifying things and the doctor who was involved in all this transgender business.


This just breaks my heart to pieces. I’ve seen the regrets from others as well.

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You will find story after story like this… Transgenderism ‘destroyed my life’.

Since the West has allowed this behavior to become mainstream, we will continue to see more and more of these stories. In the next 10 years or so, there may even be blowback from this.

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What i don’t understand about this one is, he was much older when he decided to do this transgender thing. i saw the pictures before, and he was sure male. what gives, does anybody have any clues? did someone pay him to do it? i know why the men in men sports do it, just to get that glory and honor from winning, that they wouldn’t get competing against their male counterparts.

There are lawsuits already happening with some of the younger ones. Saying they were misled by their transition team or whatever they are called. If I come across the articles again, I will post them here.

It truly breaks my heart - even the older ones that should have known better.

Years ago, I worked alongside a man who was married for 15+ years, fathered 3 children then said he was gay. Claimed he lived in misery for all those years, not being himself and finally came out.

To me, that is equivalent to a straight man, through peer pressure, being with another man for 15 years and then marrying a woman. It would never happen.