This is self population control

The world is a changing place.

Once upon a time, the American Dream was about raising a family and owning a home. Today, it’s something much different. With these numbers, mankind won’t be able to sustain himself, population numbers will fall, as they’re projected to by 2050 I believe it is. Imagine what the world would be like then…

Only half of Gen Z and millennial adults plan to start a family, as financial pressures and global anxieties continue to deter young adults from having children, a new survey reveals. The research, which polled 1,000 British adults between 18 and 34 who haven’t yet started a family, also found that one in four respondents have already decided against having a baby ever.

Only 55 percent of participants say they plan to have children in the future, while 20 percent are unsure. The most common reason, given by 49 percent of respondents, was their desire to focus more on themselves. Financial issues followed closely, cited by 47 percent, and fears about the state of the world were raised by 38 percent of the participants.

One preacher I listened to said we are repeating history. It made total sense to me.
The Israelites turned away from worshiping Almighty God. To Baal instead. This is the first error.

Then Ishtar. His wife. This evil worship of both consisted of immoral deviance, sex acts, occultism and more. Ishtar represents the so called sexual revolution. Attack on the marriage union ordained by Father God. Since the 60’s?
Look at today! Utterly disgusting. Child abuse. No modesty! No shame at all.

The price for this immorality of sexual sin is a Molik (Satan). Literally child sacrifices every season so the crops had rain and good harvests for a successful life. Abortion is essentially the same sacrifice because many people want a more comfortable life or think they can be more successful having less children.
Or deciding to not have any children within a marriage union.

Pray for these prideful, lost and blind people. We are commanded to love our enemy. We are in the Last Days.

Come Lord JESUS!


I agree. The further down the road we have traveled, the more you can see how this whole plan of the destruction of society was started almost 100 years ago. Satan started this before that, but it needed to be modernized to reach fulfillment.

To ruin the family unit, the moral decline was needed as well as the financial burden on society to bring it to its knees. The other factor is the high tech. It has reduced people to robots that need to serve their devices while becoming brain dead to even tell time on a clock with hands or do simple addition to give change.

All these things are quickly coming together for the collapse of society which then will need the governing parties to hold their hands through life. Covid was a good test for them and those who knew better watching from the outside in, saw the rats on the wheel.

I actually see a day when marriage, the true marriage will not exist.

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I think this began when the serpent (Satan) seduced Eve and Adam!

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Kids in government schools are being brainwashed into believing that man-made climate change is the greatest threat facing mankind. They are force-fed a demonic false narrative that birthing children is bad for the earth. We must get our kids out of K-12 government schools and quit sending them to universities that worship at the altar of secular humanism, Marxism, and radical enviromentalism.

 Well, it's all going to pot
 Whether we like or not
The best I can tell
The world's gone to hell 
And we're sure gonna miss it a lot.

Willie and Merle 8 years ago spot on.