This is how to preview your post before submission

Good news, you can preview your post before submission. Just click the double arrow in the lower right-hand corner when you’re making a post. It looks like this <<

That will enable you to preview your post before submitting it. Hey, now your post will be dialed in before anyone sees it. :+1:t3:


Bonus: Don’t forget, you can also edit your posts after they are submitted!

  • On your phone📱, click the ellipsis “…” at the bottom of your post next to the reply arrow.
  • On your computer :desktop_computer:, click the pencil at the bottom of your post next to “Reply”.
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Ahhh…so that must be on a phone, correct? Because on the PC I see the preview of what I’m typing on the right side, as I type. Thanks for the tip!

Note - that doesn’t mean I won’t still have typos… :rofl:

Hey Kay!

No, that just means you have it defaulted to preview mode. :smile:

I roll the same way!

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Hey, I’m smarter than I thought! :upside_down_face: Of course I don’t remember doing that.