This Is How Jews Treat Christians

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What if I told you, in Israel, the Jews spit, accost, and even attack Christians? Would you believe me? Probably not… It’s something you’ve never been told, and it flys in the face of what Christians are commonly taught today. However, what if I could prove it to you? What if I could show you…


I want to give you a standing ovation for your work on this one.



Thank you Brandon For always telling the truth even if it offends. It’s hard to tell this truth to most people and they accept it, it seems like most people are so blind to the truth that it’s easier to believe the lies. Father forgive them for they know not what they do!it’s so sad seeing the children being misled to hate. :heart:

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This is not the actions of all Jewish people. It looks like in the videos you posted that it is Ultra-Orthodox Jews doing this. I can’t condemn a whole group of people for the actions of a fringe minority. When Jesus was asked which was the first commandment he answered the first was to love God with all your heart, mind and soul. The second was to love thy neighbor as thyself. I didn’t see where he excluded Jews that spit at Christians.

Excellent work brother Brandon. I now understand the whole fate that Jesus Christ underwent.

Christ also quoted Matthew 10:14-15.

Christians were not told to be walking mats for the world. We are to share the gospel in love, once done, if rejected, it is time to move on.
They as a people, have rejected Christ and go out of their way to make it difficult for those who accept. That doesn’t mean you can’t pray for them but to finance them is giving to the synagogue of Satan.
Shaking the dust off is the same as washing your hands of them. They are no longer our responsibility.
There was a spiritual significance to a disciple of Jesus shaking the dust off his feet. It was a statement of finality about people who had been given the truth and who had rejected it.


Most churches are at fault for this false teaching. You sir, are very correct. Again, most churches have a synod or other organization that brain wash the pastors with “the jews are God’s chosen people”. Of course, the pastors do not want to loose their pension, so they preach the children of Cain are God’s chosen people. The devil’s own family. At present, the United States is giving Israel 10.7 million dollars a day to kill Christians.
Keep up the great work!!!

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Very sensate comment Snowman.

Hey Veronica. To be clear, that’s correct, and that is how I opened my article saying,

In Israel, many Jews despise Christians, even spitting on them, and attacking them.

“Many,” not all.

Nevertheless, as @sNOwflakes said, these people have rejected Jesus. So my sole point in all of these type of articles is, to get Christians to realize that. To realize, Jews are not God’s chosen people, and so Christians realize, we should not be supporting Jews financially or otherwise.

I’m not teaching hate and I don’t want anyone to hate anyone.


Veronica, Good morning. Imagine if we discarded all of the labels and symbolisms and simply observed the words and actions of every person we encounter without any preconceived Ideas or biases? That will never happen in the world. But spiritually it is required of every living soul. At the end of life in the flesh all labels, symbolisms and all worldly armor will be meaningless. foolishness and fall away. I think you will agree with that inevitable fact. In reality the labels and symbolisms are foolishness and evil now, today! When we really think about it.

That’s correct. We don’t judge but we do observe the fruit and what tree it comes from. Eve was told to stay away from the forbidden tree and the fruit it obtained.

We should do the same. We spray the fruit of “the tree” with the gospel, and the choice is theirs.

I agree with you Veronica. My best friend is Jewish, and I’m a Christian Jew.

Is your genealogy from the tribe of Judah?