Think Outside Of The Box

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The events of our time are more troubling than ever. Now is a good time to stop and reflect on our own beliefs. Now is a moment, to think outside of the box.

I remember when you first posted this article. And it truly made me think about myself and my beliefs. And I will admit, there were things that I wasn’t “thinking outside of the box” on. Heck, I still find myself doing that from time to time. This article is a good reminder to us all on how important it is the THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX that we have created in our own minds.

I also loved these posts of yours Think, Think, Think and Learn to be a Berean. They both tie in well with this one.

No one person will ever have all the truth until we are into the Millennium. With that being said, listen to what others have to say and use your spiritual discernment and pray for guidance from our Heavenly Father.

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I think people of today don’t ask enough questions, especially when the two sides differ. When a liberal and a conservative debate, do they learn the others root view or just defend their way of thinking.

This is such a great article! Very thought provoking.

I’m reminded while reading this of a time when I was in high school, and my science teacher would make statements that didn’t sit right with me. I was told by my brother, to simply ask my science teacher, where they were getting their information from? What was their source of information?

The next time in class when my teacher began to make statements that didn’t sit right, I asked him those questions. After class he explained his sources and position, to which I received a better understanding but also, I got to share my views state my position on the topic. It was a great conversation.

Had I not “thought outside the box” of just accepting what he taught as gospel, I would have missed out on that moment. From there I learned it’s ok to question, and it’s very needful especially in today’s time.


I wish I was that insightful when I was in high school. Thank you for sharing that story!


More often then not, it just seems like people take offense and put up a defense and then the debate is on. It can be exhausting. Father says not to argue, so I like to throw a couple of pearls out there and see what kind of response I get. I really love it when Father crosses my path with some one who is looking for the truth/hope! And I walk away after the conversation thinking, wow, that came out of my mouth! :blush: Glory to God!

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