Things are not as they seem

When you look at the news headlines, you would think everyone’s gone radical left, except for you. However, the truth is far different from reality. This is due to the media and who owns them. We have a painted perception, not reality.

Interestingly enough, when you read comments, particularly on a neutral site like Yahoo News. You would be blown away. The comments are from Americans like you and I, it mostly has red vibes, but even the libs seem to disagree with the state of things in our nation and world for that matter. It goes to show how much of our perceived reality is fabricated and everyone is beginning to see through it.

I pointed out some of these things in,

Societies mass conditioning continues, but most people do not seem to be buying into it. I would encourage everyone to take a peek at the comments on Yahoo articles. It’s pretty encouraging to see that not everyone is buying into the fear, hype, and propaganda.

Ohh, and Yahoo News is not “neutral,” I simply mean, you wouldn’t expect to find a bunch of reds congregating there. So it’s a good place to note the perception of events on the minds of your typical American.

With that said,

  • How are the folks in your circles?
  • Are they buying into the latest narrative?
  • Or are some beginning to question it all?

The situation with Ukraine seems to be the most evident to many, it’s time to change course. Even polls are showing a lack of support. Yet, our government charges forward.


My view is people can be brave on the web with how they think and feel but when they are put in a real-life scenario, they fold rather quickly.
Will they stand against what is ruining this country and stand up for what is right? Talk is cheap.
Our politicians have been corrupt for years and yet they still get elected.

It’s like the old saying, if he is a good hitter, why doesn’t he hit good?

Completely true.

However, the fact that everyone doesn’t sound like Biden is a bit surprising to me.

That’s because half the time, his words aren’t in the dictionary. :rofl:

The great awakening?

It is time for American’s to start building their communities…buy local, stay local and stop using the brick and mortar stores for their needs.

In the summer plant a garden and become more and more self-sufficient and more self-reliant with God’s help.

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Even though my circle is rather small, its still a mixed bag.

But it is even more interesting to step back and not look at a person as blue or red, but rather their intellectual beliefs. Put the politics away altogether and see the person and what their values are. You will get a whole different view of the world.

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