They want you to live in these.

Notice there is no garage or driveway for a car. :thinking:
Where do you put your washer and dryer?? :thinking:
20ft wide lots.
How are you gonna “social distance” that close? :crazy_face:

It’s almost like they are herding people into pens.

Most womans shoes would not fit into that area. :grinning:

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You are correct. :scream:

Also where do you plant your garden on these pens, I mean lots??

I’ve seen bigger chicken coops.

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Well…that may be true, but not this woman! :rofl::joy::grin:I have never understood the shoe thing…much less all the clothes they buy! Even when I was younger I didnt get it. I thank the Lord for that! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

All “they” want is people to be dependent not independent. That’s where this whole “progress” thing just urks me. We have progressed ourselves right into this mess.

A 2-car garage has more square footage.

They need to paint them all green and call the development, “Parker Brothers”.

I live in a 1,000 square foot home built in 1907 here in Oregon. Tiny backyard, a little 16’x 20’ shop. Thats small enough. No garage. The shop is full of stuff, so only street parking. Its a rental. The house I lived in for 25 years was a little bigger, but we had a little over 1/4 acre.