They Trust In Flesh, We Trust In God

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The world trusts in men which they can see, while Christians trust in God who they cannot see. God is the only One who can deliver us from all of our enemies.


I love reading about King Hezekiah. When I was studying Samual, Kings and Chronicles last fall, Hezekiah always stuck in my head. I believe that was a true turning point in my faith in God. Not like I didnt have faith before that, but it just grew exponentially. I’ve probably mentioned this many times before, but that is what “practicing faith” is all about. Sometimes, when we are in the heat of things and nothing is going right, you need to remember God and put your faith in Him.

It is hard to do sometimes, but thats why we need that practice.

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Of the many times in my life that I have cried out to God. One in particular I ill never forget. I wrote a story about it with every detail and titled it ‘angel at the speed of light’ . The short of it is that I had become stranded in the desert of California when I was 15 years old. I hadn’t had a meal in 4-5 days, and didn’t have a nickel in my pocket as I walked through a very small town, and way out on the other side of town was a small gas station. As I approached the drive way hoping to get a drink of water I was shewed away like a stray dog by the attendant. I saw a big rock on the side of the road about 200 yards away. I kept walking and when I got to the rock I sat on top of it as the the sun was lowering. I was hungry and could already feel the chill of the desert night approaching. As the sun fell behind the mountains I noticed that not a single car had passed since I had set down. It was dark now, and nothing but silence. I thought about how far away from home I was, and doubted I would ever see it again. I hung my head and began to cry, I said 'God, I need your help, I don’t know what to do, please help me. Before I I could say another word I heard a voice calling to me , hey son! you need a ride? as I looked up he called out again. It was a small old man standing beside his car at the gas station, he was gesturing with his arm for me to come. 32 hours later, I stepped off of a bus in my home town, just two miles from home. I had been delivered.


Wow! Was this a dream or did it really happen? Regardless, that is an amazing story on so many levels.

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Yes, that is a true story about myself being plucked from the desert by a wonderful little old man that fed me and took me to a bus station and bought me a ticket to my hometown, gave me a ten dollar bill to buy food, and in a very kind voice told me to go home, where I belong.
after 50+ yrs I still remember it as if it were yesterday, and I think about it often. Some say the timing was just chance, I was just lucky. etc. I know better.


I don’t believe in chance or coincidences. And wow…now I’m curious as to how the heck you got stranded. I would love to read the whole story! You were really brought to the brink of life and saved by God! I bet you remember that kind souls face to a tee!

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Oh yeah, his clothes, his hat, and the pristine Ford Falcon he drove.
you know how foolish kids can be. I was already on my own with a full time job and sharing a small apartment with my older brother. My vacation came up and a friend asked me to hitchhike to CA. with him. sounded like fun, ‘imagine that’ I took a $20 out of my stash in the wall and away we went. I didn’t know how far CA. was. We slept under an overpass the first night and stuck our thumbs out again at dawn. Got a ride right off the batt. from a rodeo cowboy in a hurry to get to Santa Monica. Next Morning we were standing on the sidewalk in Santa Monica. watching him drive off. Dang! that was easy. The trip back was a different story. to make a long story short, we decided to split up after a week of sleeping in orchards and eating lemons and limes we hadn’t traveled a 100 mi. We split up thinking it would be easier to get a ride. It worked My friend got a ride within 20 minutes. He was from there and knew where he was going. I didn’t have a clue. The next day I got a ride to somewhere by a farmer, and that’s how I got to the middle of nowhere. A long way from a major hwy.

That’s absolutely crazy! As awful of a situation that it was, it was a blessing all the same!!

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It was an extensive educational experience to say the least. If asked if I have higher learning?
I think I could say yes, truthfully.


There are many stories I can tell about God’s intervention in my life.

car wreck - at 85 mph there was a blow out of the tire on back drivers side. 3 of us in car with only me in the back, on driver’s side. He lost control of the car and after going under an overpass we veered to the right hitting the embankment with the right front end of car. It impacted and rolled in the air twice before landing on all 4 tires. I had said to God before hand, “you either kill me or let me walk away.” We all 3 walked away. Stiff necked from the rolling; our heads impacting the ceiling and me with a black eye from not having my seat belt on. I had went forward hitting my face on passenger’s head rest breaking my glasses and giving me a VERY black eye. NO other injuries to any of us. Confirmed by ER visit.

2 story deck - I had gone to look at my friends sisters new fixer upper. I stepped out onto the back deck off the kitchen (it had a walk out basement under it) and when I stepped out towards the left edge, (no rails) the deck pulled away from the house and began to collapse. I closed my eyes in fear and just before it hit the ground a voice told me to “step”. I stepped off just before it hit the ground. I looked back up to my friend standing at the door and busted out in laughter/hysteria. I can only say it was God, though I didn’t have time to pray. It felt like going down in an elevator and I felt lighter than air.

disability at the right time - I was no longer able to work as an LPN or any other job due to back problems which were giving me mobility problems. I had applied for disability after losing my job. My son and I were living off death benefits I received for him from his father’s death, when he was 10. It was not a lot and we were struggling since losing my job.

I had been fighting for disability for over two years. My son was getting ready to graduate high school and I would no longer be getting the check. I had no idea how we were going to make it financially. I prayed and just kept trusting in God. My son graduated and I received his last check in May. Just before that time, I received a letter telling me I had been approved for disability and would receive my first payment in June. So, just as his was ending, mine started.

winning bingo - I had been going with my cousin to play bingo for a couple of months. Before going each month we would decided if one of us won whether we would split the winnings or not. This particular night her friend wanted to come with us. We told her if one us won, we were going to split the winnings. We asked if she wanted in. She said, “yes”. As the night went on she won a small prize of like $50. She told us, “sorry girls, but I need to pay my electric bill.” I was upset not because of the money per se but, because I feel your word should be your bond. I said a prayer to God, to please let me win to teach her a lesson, just before the big prize of the night. The numbers were being called out and one after the other I had each of them. I told my cousin, “I’m going to win” and sure enough, I did. $400, which I gladly shared with my cousin.

Thinking back on it over the years, I wished I had shared with my cousin that I had prayed about it, to give the glory to God and I also wish I had shared it with the girl too, showing that even though she had not kept her word, I would. I think it would have been a more impactful lesson.

There are so many more I could share and there are probably many more, I don’t even know of, where he has helped me and my family with all my prayers. God bless everyone.

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