They’re Building A Digital Army To Fight Disinformation

Full article at: They’re Building A Digital Army To Fight Disinformation | World Events and the Bible

Who is “they?” In this case, “they” would be our pals at the United Nations. You know, the biggest governmental welfare outfit on the planet. One continually fed by your national government. Ahh, but I digress, maybe… In a recent article by the United Nations, they were kind enough to calm our nerves about “misinformation”…


Wow. Your article is so true. Now, there is an “AI” scare. They’re coming to get us and we’re supposed to be scared and concerned. Crazy!

As I observe current events, it appears that The government, media, corporations, and social media spew volumes of propaganda, disinformation (euphemism for “lies”), fear, and paranoia. It’s no wonder so many people feel lost and disenfranchised. If it weren’t for God’s word, I, for one, would be a depressed, paranoid, anxious, and a narcissistic mess! I can’t imagine living without Jehovah. I’m thankful for His teaching, love, protection, grace, provisions, and mercy. Frankly, it’s Him that gives us the truth. It’s Him who loves us unconditionally. It’s him who gives us a future, hope, and joy. He is all we need.


I think about that also…and it’s hard for me to wrap my head around.

And don’t forget our schools. Including elementary…heck first it was 1/2 day, then full day, then K4 and now K3? It’s insanity!