They don't want you to hear this song.

Maybe if he was degrading women, the police, whitey, popping a cap in someone’s arse, etc it would be promoted from the White House.
Wait, I mean he would be invited to the White House.

I don’t listen to CMT but they pulled the song also.

If they censor something you know it’s gotta be good. :sunglasses:

Let’s not forget this classic

Yup i only listen to music that is banned. Even christian radio won’t play the christian music i listen to lol. Nice to see ppl standing up to the garbage.

Christan radio is too weak to play these songs. :man_shrugging:. I play this music at my gym at work and I’ve actually had no one say anything negative. Even a liberal was like this sounds good lol

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Man that’s a fantastic song, and major bravo to Jason for calling it like it is. He just fired up a ton of Americans with this jam.

I saw the headlines about some song he made, how it was like a “lynching.” I just rolled my eyes and moved on, then saw your post here @Cozar. There’s nothing negative about this at all. Anyone who finds it negative is anti-American.

What a time to be alive when an American song is deemed negative. :pensive:

That’s all right, there’s people like us, there’s people like Jason, and we’re not going silent into the night. :latin_cross:

P.S. The wife said, 42,000 comments on YouTube and all she saw was positive.

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Jason’s response to the “outrage.”