These 22 countries just stopped Biden's sexual agenda for children

The debate around CSE [comprehensive sexuality education] is one of the most controversial in multilateral negotiations. Sexually explicit curricula from UN agencies promote sexual autonomy for children including encouraging them to discover sexual pleasure, masturbation, and transgenderism.

22 traditional countries just stopped this from becoming international law.

The 22 countries were Algeria, Belarus, Brunei Darussalam, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Syria, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Yemen, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Even over all the disagreements, Western nations tried to sneak in a paragraph containing,

the right of adolescents to access abortion, contraception, and other reproductive health services without parental consent

You can read all about it below.

However, notice which nations are on this list that stopped this abomination… Namely, Russia, Iran, and Syria. Which your government and the media tell you are your enemies.

Are they?

Very interesting indeed.
Also notice the Ram and Goat countries mentioned here.

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How sad is it that the countries that are considered the 10 lost tribes are not on the list.

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Are they? I’ve been researching Russia for a year or so to see what they are like. they are just like us but much more self disciplined. the family unit is much more intact and whole. They are predominately Christian. like us.

Yes, but they are not of the 10 from long ago.

I was referring to The evil picture of Russia painted in the minds of most Americans. Russia, Russia, Russia crooked, nasty, evil, Unlike us Americans who take our good fortune for granted, squander our resources, our youth, and promote all things evil and literally have human slaughter houses all over our land. Anything in the name of a dollar is acceptable. Yeah, 'that America. I think that is what Brandon was trying to coax us into considering. Are ‘they’ really the bad guys? I’ve listened to Vladimir speak many times paying close attention to his demeaner, speech and expressions. He’s calm, to the point, selects his words carefully. He uses a lot of old school wisdom expressions. That’s why I started reading everything about him and the country. Not suggesting anything here other than to consider all sides and motives. That is what we should all do, not watch a talking head for 5 minutes on a news channel and go with it.

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I believe we are so truly mixed at this point that the lost tribes can be anywhere and everywhere.

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I agree that the tribes are mixed but the majority of the other races, Arabs, Africa, Asian etc. are the ones not buying into the woke nonsense and we know they are not the original tribes.

It appears that all the western nations which could easily have origins in the 10 tribes are the ones pushing the ungodly agendas.

Agree! I pray for the remnant to continue planting seeds.

Me too. I started researching my surname recently and the closest I got was that it is very likely an ornamental Ashkenazic Jew name from the Rhine valley around 1000
they moved from Germany to Russia and from there to Venezuela ??? traveling sonofaguns.