The young were not spared: what death certificates reveal about non-COVID excess deaths

46% of adults >45 were largely unharmed by COVID.

Yet, their mortality rate INCREASED 26% above previous trends. Drugs, homicides, traffic fatalities, & alcohol-induced causes killed tens of thousands more young adults than in the past.

Thank your government for the lockdowns.

Here’s another side effect of the pandemic…

1/3 of Americans stopped attending church thanks to the pandemic.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic precipitated an overall decline in religious attendance, although religious identity remained mostly stable.
  • The number of Americans who never attend religious services jumped over the past two years; roughly one in three Americans now report that they never attend religious services.
  • Young adults report the greatest change in religious attendance of any age group.

I think the church[s] themselves are responsible for many turning away from the church. I know a lot of spiritual people who no longer attend church. I’ve noticed people including my wife and I that more and more avoid going out in public or attending gatherings of any kind other than with immediate family, and not even go out to dinner or catch a movie or even go on vacation anymore. Almost always a very unpleasant experience dealing with rude and uncivil people. Unfortunately Politeness and common courtesies are a thing of the past. Much more relaxing to stay at home where we can control the atmosphere.

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More and more, the truth and reality leak out.

  • Dr Steve Hanke, an economist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, told that the lockdowns had devastating economic effects with little benefits to the nation’s overall health.
  • Dr Coady Wing a health policy expert from Indiana University, told that these pandemic mandates kept people who needed care the most away from the doctor’s office - potentially costing thousands of lives.