The World Is Shifting To The Right

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The world continues to emerge from the events of 2020. It was a horrible moment in world history, one that eroded our freedoms in the name of government health “mandates”. Then, a man was killed by a police officer. This single event was promoted by the media, and it transformed into something called “wokeism” today.…


I’m awed by how many actually believe in global warming junk. That level of stupid just really irks me. 10 or 20 years ago the same jerks were saying we are going to another ice age. What a con. It is no wonder, that the world will so easily believe anything satan tells them when he’s here. And mandates? There are people who think and thought that was a “good” idea. Again, the level of stupid or whatever it is, is shocking to me…makes me sick.

We should take our victories when we see them. This corruption didn’t happen overnight, so for some, the truth will not come to light overnight. All we can do is pray to keep the light shining.

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Ecclesiastes 3;14 I know that , whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it , nor anything taken from it: God doeth it , that man should fear before him.
Problem is, foolish men do not fear God. Gods power and magnificence is all around us ,but the blind can not see it. Those of us that are over 60 would have never dreamed that the United States of America would one day deny God. or that Christianity would become a mocked and persecuted minority in this country that was absolutely founded as One nation under God. Our laws and constitution clearly were written by Godly men guided by the word and laws of Almighty God.