The ungrateful Israeli's

I’ve been immersed in Israeli news since the start of the conflict. There’s one thing I cannot stand about people, ungratefulness. Hey, when you go out of your way to help someone, and they cannot acknowledge that, even worse, they turn it into a negative, that shows who your real friends are.

Case in point, the Israeli press.

Just look at this article…

The article points out recent US failures, like Afghanistan, and goes on to say,

it becomes clear that associating closely with Israel and its uncompromising pursuit of victory is vital for the US’s image globally


We give Israel $4 billion dollars a year.

We give Israel our top military gear.

You know the F35s Israel flies?

Those are our jets.

You know their Iron Dome and Arrow 2 system?

Those are our systems.

The article concludes,

At the end of the day though, as has been the case for 75 years and will be the case for all time, Israel relies only on itself and will fight and defeat any foe, anyplace, at any time.

How ungrateful!

You should just read some of the comments from Israeli’s about the war, their sick. Not to mention, ungrateful for American support.

So get this…

Since Israel’s inception, the United States has provided over $160 billion dollars in aid.

How much aid has Israel given the United States?

Not a buck!

In fact, for our troubles, Israel once bombed one of our Navy ships, the U.S.S. Liberty, and said it was a mistake. It was all swept under the rug.

So, the U.S. has never gotten anything out of the deal, so why are we still dealing with them?

And yet the killing continues and we continue to hand over our tax dollars with no say for the people that are paying their bills. It’s so disgusting…but yet we knew bc its all written.

And EVERY president elected during those years has not stopped the insanity.