The UN said what?

The United Nations, along with other various groups have put together a “human rights-based approach to laws criminalising conduct in relation to sex, drug use, HIV, sexual and reproductive health, homelessness and poverty.”

So what’s it all about?

With respect to the enforcement of criminal law, any prescribed minimum age of consent to sex must be applied in a non-discriminatory manner. Enforcement may not be linked to the sex/gender of participants or age of consent to marriage.

Moreover, sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law. In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them.

Pursuant to their evolving capacities and progressive autonomy, persons under 18 years of age should participate in decisions affecting them, with due regard to their age, maturity and best interests, and with specific attention to non-discrimination guarantees.

Essentially, the perverts want your children. I said it for years, lots of people have been saying it. Once the homosexual thing became normal, it was the next step for perversion to triumph. The same thing is recounted in Genesis 19, so it’ll happen once again no doubt.

You can find the details here. This goes into sex work, gender blender stuff and other fun facts.

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I think we know how the “SUPREME COURT” will view this document when the time comes, and whose law will take precedent in application.

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Notice how they continuously keep saying international law and human rights.
Sounds like laws for the New World Order being laid out.
Yet, these same insane, psychopaths, pedophiles, and every other degenerate name we can apply to them are not concerned about the treatment of the Uighurs in Communist China slave labor camps.

The only ones they want to criminalize are those who will dare speak out against this insane agenda.

This is why right now the media is shoving Abortion and the Trans agenda down our throats.

It’s all insane BS.


considering the state of our judicial system, I think it’s time to settle all court decisions by flipping a coin, heads you win, tails you lose. It would eliminate bias, influence and under the table decisions otherwise known as corruption and lower the odds for the plaintiff and the defendant. 50/50 is way better than what we have now.

The best way to defeat this is to stand up against it. Especially in a small atmosphere. Most of these people are chickens unless they have their mob around.

Same with all the other crap, they always have the organized protest. Most won’t meet one on one. Look at the school boards, when parents stood up in some local schools, the Fed’s got involved because they were losing. Called them domestic terrorists to scare them off.

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This whole world makes me puke , like literally going to work (anywhere at this point) makes me gag all you hear about is inclusivity (GAG) . Its gross, the harder they cram this Satan KoolAid the harder it gets to keep that Christian Smile on.
Even trying to find a church is sickening, all the damned things are painted in rainbows :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :rage:. Im sorry for the profanity but its so FRUSTRATING. It takes everything I have to not just lock us all in the house and SMASH every screen I can get my hands on. Sorry for venting I have no friends :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Tell us how you really feel.
Don’t sugar coat it.

I am joking with you to get you too smile.
Trust me you are not alone and you have friends who feel exactly as you do. :innocent:

Same way I feel. It seems like there is no one left to even share the gospel with anymore. Even just a little bit with common sense and logic. Not a bible thumper but just on how to live cleanly, successfully etc. They don’t want to hear it. Everyone is a victim.

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It’s to the point of total BS.
Went to Petco the other day and they even had pride rainbow colored pet toys.

After I puked on the floor, we left. :face_vomiting:

On the way out I heard “clean up on aisle three”. :innocent:

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It’s all written. And we know it’s gonna be hard and get a lot harder. I thank God that my husband and I decided to homeschool our son. He knows so much more than I did at his age. And I’m not talking about scholastic bs, I’m talking about a good foundation of being a true Christian.

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