The Tongue Is Full Of Deadly Poison

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Our tongue can unleash deadly poison which ruins relationships. Our vile words come from our hearts, providing us an opportunity to check our Christian faith.


A great reminder to all Christians! Especially important during elections as well. Listening to the political ads is like listening to children whining about what the other one did. Then, of course, just like satan wants, the ones listening go off and spout the same vile words.

As I go through my “memories” on facebook I actually feel sick to my stomach. I know I wasn’t as bad as some people with their comments, but it still sickens me. Many times I would reason with myself that it was righteous indignation or just trying to wake people up. That’s not how you do it though. I am glad that I never stooped to the level of personal attacks on other FB users, although I was certainly attacked just by asking simple questions and making sure I wasn’t snarky. Oh what a mess that FB community is!!


the tongue has caused more pain, death and destruction in the world than anything else. when we think of it lies are the foundation of evil.

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