The State Of Our World As 2022 Comes To A Close

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It’s a mess, but you already knew that! Thankfully, COVID and the paranoia it wrought has nearly vanished from the globe. All except in the minds of looney libs. Even China canned their “COVID zero policy.” So let’s chalk this up as a big “W” for the people. Unfortunately, Biden just signed that $1.7T dollar…

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After taking in all this bs from these idiots I started to feel a bit sad.

So I said to heck with it.

Going outside to feed my buddy squirrels in the backyard enjoy the sunshine.

Gonna have a great day.
Hope the gang here does also. :grinning:


You nailed it once again Brandon! Perfectly stated. This is exactly why I don’t watch the news - I’ll read the headlines from various sources and open very few of them - just to keep up. But I also know that you will keep me up to date as well. :wink:

Happy New Year!! Many blessings to ALL and keep those lamps filled. :sparkling_heart:


It is so wonderful that God,s people are waking up to how evil the world is fast becoming.Even thinking secular people are seeing through the lies of governments,alas,not through a believers eyes.Come Lord Jesus.