The Spirit Of The Antichrist Is Hard At Work

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You can feel it, the spirit of the Antichrist in the world today. So many hearts have turned cold. Long gone is the respect society had for their fellowman and the conservative concepts and ideas of prior generations. The concern for most people today is what else can I gain right now, no matter the…

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Ansaloutely evil is on a rise and will be even worse as the days draw closer to anti-christ coming. I must tell all of you you need to watch a movie that will profoundly change your view on how evil our own Nation has become. I went to see the movie Sound of Freedom. All people must see this movie and spread the word. This sick perversion that is happening to our innocent children cannot be ignored. Sex slave trade and how the U.S. is number 1 in this evil, evil act. It doesn’t show anything perverse but it does leave yiu knowing what happens. Please brethren watch this and stay for the comments after the show. God bless America. Help our children.