The Rapture Is Imminent Says Left Behind Author

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Let me first say, I sincerely appreciate all Christians who do their part to share God’s Word. It’s fantastic! What I don’t appreciate are the constant calls of imminent doom. It’s not helpful, it’s fearful. Christians are called to live according to God’s Word, not according to fear and doom. Ahh, but doom sells, doom…


I thought you all might appreciate this…

In response to today’s newsletter, I received a “nastygram” from an outraged reader.

They said,

Just so you know in advance==there is NO pre-trib rapture. EVERYBODY who propagates this lie, this hoax will be judged a FALSE, LYING prophet/teacher. It will make no difference who you are= whether the CEO of a seminary, a DOD, a Right, Right, Right reverend or the sweet little preacher who always tells you exactly what you want to hear, tickling your ears with his hoaxes, you will be judged.


Clearly, they didn’t read the article, as I don’t believe in the rapture, nor did my title say as much. Ironically, this was exactly my point in the article… Christians latch onto dogma and doctrine without ever reading. They just hear what they want to hear.


  • Why are Christians so quick to rush to critical, rude and unjust condemnation?
  • Where is the love in attempted correction?
  • Who is teaching Christians like this?

You’ll never convince someone of your point of view by lashing out at them. Not in a million years. As Ma always said, you get more bees with honey.


And we wonder why wars are started. The ones who should be setting the example are the worst offenders.


All is vanity and vexation of spirit under the sun


Hello there, i did enjoy reading your article. This is the very reason i no longer attend church. I dont even claim to be a christian anymore. Yes i believe in our one true savior, however i am not religious but spiritual. I also believe that people lack the capacity to do thier own critical thinking. It is in my opinion that what you describe is most definitely indoctrination. People believe what they are told to believe by the experts. Its a very sad state that we the people of this world are living in and tolerating. People have claimed imminent doom since forever, every generation can tie current events to prophesy being fulfilled. Your best bet is to trust in your own understanding from your own research and study.
Which brings me to another topic id be interested in reading from you. How history tells of a time where the roman catholics wanted to convert all the people, all the pagans, so a clever plan was put into action where the two were blurred togther. For Example, all the well known saints and figures in the christian faith or predominantly Catholic faith are just pagan gods or statues renamed. How they changed our calendar, how it says in the bible bless this day and keep it holy, worship with doing no work, the sabbath. Most Christians dont even know that the true sabbath is actually saturday. Going to church on sundays is not biblically correct. Its derived from Sun worship. SUNDAY! That all the american holidays actually have nothing to do with the belief of jesus or the bible. Christmas is not jesus’s birthday. Where did that come from?? Easter?? I think was more about the pagan god Ester. We’ve all been lied too. Our very own bible has been cleverly miss translated from the very beginning. Not saying the bible isnt gods word, saying weve been manipulated. All persons that take their salvation seriously should quit being lazy and study then pray, study more, pray more. “There is no way to the father, except through me” I understand that to say we do not need a pastor or a reverend or a pope to find jesus.
Im not sure where i stand on the rapture. Whether theres one or not. Whats the verse or book that talks about, the dead in christ will rise first? Or how two men will be in the field’s working and one will be called and the other not. Also how gods people will be spared from the tribulation? Why does god return to reign his glorious kingdom? If no rapture where does he return from?
Forgive me for my babbling, it seems the more i study, the more i am blown away. So many questions. How is it right for me to go to heaven when i die being a faithful, high morals, obeys the commandments, gives to the poor with a life long rapist or murderer because he accepted jesus and asked for forgiveness and repented on his death bed?? It just doesnt add up to me. Long suffering, forgiving, full of grace embodiment of love. Am i not wise to think that i deserve a special place among my savior, is it foolish to think that its unfair, cruel even. This soul lead an aweful life causing pain doing terrible things and yet because he had a moment of remorse he too shall dine with the father and his loyal servants?? What am i missing here. Thank you for you time.


After this article, I have been thinking about the state of the modern church today, being dulled with itchy ears, accepting things without even reading. They are like rats on a wheel.
I also have been thinking about those that are starting to see and coming to understanding of how we have been led astray for so many years.

Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17 come to mind. We don’t know where we are in the progression of things in the last days, but it seems to me that more and more people are coming to the realization that the church building is just that.
The churches are losing more and more people, some just lost interest, but I tend to think that others like Christy, are feeding themselves on their own and telling others as this site does.
I tend to think those verses will not only totally come to fruition on His return, but also His spirit will gradually be poured out on those who denounce the nonsense, buckle down and He will bless them with more and more truth as the days expire to prepare us totally for what is ahead.
There is definitely a separation of the people. Those who are coming to a greater and deeper understanding of His word, though a smaller group, and then those who just stay put and become more clueless, even in what used to be a normal day by day mentality.

Welcome to the community Christy! I’m glad you’re here and I think many of us have asked some of the same questions that you are asking. If you dig around into some of Brandon’s articles either here in the community or go to the "blog’ section, I’m sure you will find lots of great material.

One thing that may help with your understanding of forgiveness. You were asking about the murderer still being accepted into heaven. Step back and think of it this way. When you were growing up, there had to have been mistakes that were made. But as you grew, you found out it was wrong and you had a complete change of heart and would never do that again. When we ask God to forgive us for our sins and have a complete change of heart and work to do better, God will forgive. That’s the hard part to grasp sometimes - because we in the flesh don’t know another person’s true heart - only God has the ability. So when you make a change to improve yourself and to live by God’s commandments, God knows! Remember, God is a not a respecter of persons. All have free will - that is the purpose of this life in the flesh.

Hope that helps and God bless!

Welcome Christy, great to have you with us!

It’s true, not all sins are equal, but regardless, “the wages of sin is death,” as we “all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God,” (Rom 6:23, 3:23). So once we sin, any sin, we failed God. However, don’t forget about spiritual rewards, and your treasure in Heaven for being a faithful servant to God.

You’ll be rewarded for it.

Give this study a read, it goes into more detail.