The Political Narrative Is Beginning To Change

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The events of our world continue to become more profound and uncertain, but one thing will remain constant. Insanity. Yes, the insane run the asylum my friends, and don’t expect that to change until Jesus returns. Since He hasn’t shown up just yet, how about we talk about some of the insanity… Shall we? The…

I don’t see where all the money is going to the war. We spent 116 billion during the Persian Gulf War and have promised Ukraine 113 billion. Not to mention the other countries donating funds too. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the funds are funneled right back to the US.

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It’s all money laundering…all of it! My opinion of course, but I’ve felt that way for years. It’s the same way with our supposed health care system…insurance agencies and the medical institutions - all money laundering.

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