The Parable Of The Lost Sheep

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This parable provides a glimpse into Heaven where rejoicing takes place over one saved sinner. As Christians, we are to lead The Lost Sheep to Christ.


What a great reminder for everyone. I’ve seen/heard many rant about how they can’t wait to see what God has coming for them…such as Fauci, Biden, etc. Heck, I’ve said the same thing in the past. But I do look at it differently now. There is only one that is sentenced to death of soul and that’s satan himself. We never know what is truly in someone’s heart…when or if they will come to repentance. As much as I despise what Fauci and all that were involved did to innocent people - especially the elderly and most vulnerable - I think we need to pray for them so their hearts find God. You never know when someone will have a change of heart. And trying not to curse them is difficult - but I’m trying.

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