The official anti-WEF song!


I never heard that one before, but thanks for posting it Cozar.

I hope everyone listens closely to the lyrics. It reminds me of an article I wrote a few months back. Ol Grandpa Jones is talking about the same issues in 1952, that we are STILL talking about in 2023.

Different day, same issues.

Some of the highlights from the song:

  • Some folks don’t appreciate this land that gave them birth
  • Communists and spies are making monkeys out of us
  • The bureaus and departments have been busy night and day. They’re figuring out just how we gave our secrets all away
  • Our government is bigger than it ever was today
  • Our public servants should be proud and honest you would think. Instead of taking bribes and dressing up their wives in mink
  • The taxes keep on going up of that there is no doubt
  • Our national debt is monster size and growin’ every day
  • Our dollar used be the soundest money on this earth
  • But now two bucks won’t even buy a good old dollar’s worth. Unless we stop inflation and take care of what we’ve got