The Next Threat To Global Health Isn’t What You Think

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Hey, we made it to another Friday! Unfortunately, it’s similar to last Friday, the crazies are still running the world. Even worse, there’s no good guys coming to save us, so we’re on our own. Joy huh? I know that’s no way to be on this fine Friday, but I just can’t help it… I…


You hit the nail on the head with this one! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Keep learning how to do new things so you are not dependent on others. Think of things you need if you don’t have electricity…how would you handle it? One of the first things we did after a power outage…we got a manual burr grinder for our coffee beans! :coffee: :rofl: (you should have seen me trying to pound and crush coffee beans one time…it was not pretty!)


Global warming will take care of the waist bands.

I use one everyday for my coffee!

Love it. :coffee:

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NICE!!! Now up your game and start roasting your own coffee!! (Unless you already do that too. :slight_smile: ) We use an air popper popcorn popper…been doing it for a couple weeks now. Green coffee beans are more shelf stable than roasted beans. And the taste…we don’t ever want to buy roasted coffee again!

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Also when unimaginable hard times comes equal to or worse than the fall of 29, obesity will quickly go away. I’ve watched many documentaries of the ‘great’ depression and dust bowl days. If you pay close attention to the peoples faces depicted they all have the same look, shock and dispair. Even in the children, hollow stares. The people who lived it never forgot it.
The old folks talked about it often until they died 50/60 yrs after. When they gave thanks over a meal, it was sincere.

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Very nicely said Brandon… Happy Sunday to all you God loving folks.